It’s The Little Things. Two.

Watching my boys interact when they don’t know I’m watching is my favorite. Tonight Grady followed Joshua into the  bathroom and I heard Joshua say, “Grady let me show you how to use the potty. Watch. You pull down your pants then then you go potty.”

Grady looked right into the toilet and shouted, “Oh YEAH! POTTY!”

Joshua finished and continued to explain, “Then you pull your pants back up and flush the toilet like this. And that’s how you do it Grady.”

Ohhh my boys. Little moments when you’re getting along are the best! ♡

It’s The Little Things. One.

I started singing Joshua to sleep when he was a baby and it has become our nightly routine. He won’t go to sleep without a song first. It used to be, “Mommy sing hush little baby” and now its, “sing the frosty song mommy!”

And some nights, like tonight, he ran his fingers through my hair while I sang to him. Sometimes he’ll just gently put his hand on my cheek.

I don’t want him to ever grow up!