Ahhhhh!! Where have I been? I got super overwhelmed with this space. It started to feel like one more thing on my to-do list that I just didn’t have time for. I put too much pressure on myself and it was no longer enjoyable. So I took a very long break. But I’ve missed it! I’ve missed this outlet. And I feel like blogs have taken a backseat to podcasts. Who blogs anymore? Everyone has their own podcast and podcasts have become popular because you can listen and multitask. We are in a world of hustle after all! (Please feel the slight resentment in my voice in that last statement.) But I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or care about what’s in style. So here I am going back to blogging while everyone else is trying to be an Instagram influencer!

It’s 6:30am which means it’s time for me to get moving. I must wake the sleepy boys. Joshua will want a bun with butter warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds and plain milk with a vitamin on top. Grady will want chocolate milk and no vitamin because they are too sour this early in the morning. And maybe some cereal. That’s hit or miss. Then it’s time for me to slap on some makeup and do something with the hair. Get dressed and out the door by 7:20am. On to another school day!

Update on the boys and Nathan and work and all the things coming soon!

2018 Reflection

2018 was…hard. It was change. It was heartbreak. But it wasn’t all bad. There were some really great memories made with my boys. A LOT of fishing! So much fishing. I reclaimed my health and was the most fit I’ve ever been in my life. A new job. So let’s look back at 2018 starting at the beginning.


New tonneau cover!



Influenza hit our house. Baaaad.



Our first fishing trip! We headed up the river with our friend, Tina.


Spring Break with my boys! We hit up the Aquatic Center. I also fell in love with Brett Eldredge at his concert in Pullman with my bestie, Brittnie.


I got a new job in the Lewiston School District!!! Joshua graduated from kindergarten.


The last day at Asotin Elementary for Joshua and I. A lot of fishing in Harrison, Idaho at the IBN Qualifier.


My favorite holiday. A welcomed bestie date on the deck. Uncle Mike’s Defeat ALS golf scramble. More fishing in Harrison, Idaho.

A trip to the North Fork with best friends to escape the harsh reality of home. My dad in ICU.



Saying goodbye to my Dad. A new camper. Fishing on the Snake on Dad’s birthday. Starting new schools for the boys and I.




October we were blessed with so many beautiful days. The weather was awesome! We took advantage of one of those days and took the boys bass fishing on the Skeeter. We had the best day. The boys love fishing on the boat and so do we! Nathan got a super nice fall smallmouth.

We also had the Greene wedding! It was Clay’s turn to get married. And he married UP that’s for certain! We love Kaitlin and are so happy to welcome her to our framily. Nathan was a groomsmen and Grady was the ring bearer.

We finished October with Halloween. Joshua was Pikachu and Grady was a skeleton again this year.


We had Grateful November at Webster Elementary. I love our monthly spirit days promoting positive character traits.

November is also the month the boys got their new fishing boat! Nathan finally found the perfect Lund on Craigslist in CDA. We drove up after work on a Friday night to pick it up. As fate would have it it dumped a couple of inches of snow on the drive up. Nathan wasn’t feeling comfortable pulling a boat he hadn’t towed before on the snowy highway, in the dark, with his entire family in the truck so we decided to find a hotel room and stay the night! It was completely unplanned and turned out to be one of my favorite memories of 2018. We ate dinner at The Olive Pit and stayed in a nice hotel. The boys loved it!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at the cabin again. It’s my favorite tradition. We burned piles and piles of pine needles. The huge bonfire was so fun. It was peaceful and relaxing and we soaked up every minute of our couple days getaway to the cabin for the holiday.


December was a welcomed 2 week break from school for the kids and I! We had Joshua’s Christmas concert at Lewiston High School and we made it up to my Uncle Mike’s for a Sprenger family Christmas.

We ended the month with a steelhead trip with great friends. I caught the biggest steelhead I’ve ever caught and it was a great finish to the year!