Weekend Recap • Low Key

Weekends aren’t too exciting for the Tumelsons. We aren’t winter people so we turn into major homebodies in the winter.

Friday night we had our weekly pizza night. We just hung out in front of the TV.

Saturday Nathan wanted to work in the Skeeter boat that is hibernating in our friend’s shop so we went over to Ryan and Tina’s. Nathan worked in the boat in the shop and I sat in the house with Tina. We chatted for hours and it was great to catch up.

We stopped by Rosauers on the way home and grabbed some steaks to grill for dinner.

Sunday was all the Sunday things. I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I love cooking weekend breakfast for my family.

Then Grady and I went to Walmart and Costco and got some groceries. I found a dog bed for Sage at Costco. Our girl is getting older and I feel like she needs spoiled in her old age. She loves it!

I did laundry and cleaned the house with Nathan worked in his little boat and the boys played “fishing” games.

I baked some yummy Valentines cookies from scratch…

HAHAHA! Yeah right. I don’t bake. I need really simple cookies. Like break the cookie dough squares apart and put them on the baking sheet simple.

Real life.

I made Costco chicken Alfredo for dinner, got all caught up on The Bachelor and it was early to bed for Monday.

Grady would have slept here all night with his puppy if I’d let him.

Happy Monday!

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