Follow Friday

It’s Fri-Yay!! I am so ready for a weekend with my family. My hubby is finally feeling better (not quite 100% but getting there) and I’m looking forward to a happier weekend the last 2…

Today I thought I’d changed it up from the typical Friday Favorites to my favorite Instagram profiles to follow. So in no particular order, here we go!

Autumn Calabrese. She is my favorite fitness instructor. I love working out with Autumn on Beachbody on Demand and I love her no bullshit approach to fitness through her Instagram. If you have excuses Autumn is going to call you out!

Joel Freeman. I mean other than the eye-candy, HELLO! He’s another fitness coach I love to follow because he takes a REAL LIFE approach to health and fitness. He drinks wine and eats the birthday cake. Joel teaches how to be fit and healthy yet enjoy some of those indulges in life guilt free.

Just Ingredients is a page I recently discovered and you all need to follow her right NOW. She brings to the forefront all of the chemically made ingredients that are SO bad for us. I mean cancer linked bad for us. She will tell you simple, easy alternatives (we’re talking same shelf at the grocery store) that could save your life.

Teachers Follow Teachers. Because this teacher loves to get sneak peaks into other teachers’ classrooms and steal ideas.

Tony Robbins. Just a life mentor. This guy is probably my #1 to follow.

Baby’s First Breath. This is the birth photography page of my dear friends Amy McCall And Whitney Barnes. And because birth stories are my favorite I love all the mamas and babies in my feed. Plus Amy and Whit are amazing at their job!!

There you have it. Go find them on Insta!

Happy Friday!!!

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