February Home Decor

Getting out the Valentines Day decor made my heart happy for a few reasons…

1. It reminds me that February is so close. My birthday month. Joshua’s birthday month.

2. Valentines Day. I will always remember that first Valentine’s Day as a mom. Joshua was only 5 days old. Nathan had been home with us on paternity leave and my heart was so full. We always stay home and have a steak dinner.

3. When it’s time for the Valentines decor to come down the SPRING decor goes up!! YAS! Spring makes me heart hopeful.

So here is a little peak at my home. All signs of December/January officially gone.


The boys table in the living room. This is where they eat sometimes and do homework.

Entrance table. Valentines Day is all about the roses.

On top of our coat rack in the dining room.

Our dining room table and the table runner Grandma Linda made me. 💕


It’s the little things like a home decor change up to pull me out of the winter blues!

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