Recap • Recovery

Where have I been?! This blog has been pretty quiet. Well, here’s the truth. When life gets overwhelming for me this space is the first thing to take a back seat. I love to write but often the blog feels like something else on my list that I have to do so when life gets hard I just don’t stress about getting it done. So I’ve taken some time off. And here’s why…

My class this year is HARD. So hard. The most challenging class I’ve ever been called to teach. Coming back from Christmas Break has been rough. It felt like the first few weeks of school all over again and I came home just completely spent. Mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. I would make dinner for my family and then hang out on the couch with my boys and was in bed by 8pm every night.

I also started a new workout program in the mornings. It’s Shaun T’s Transform 20 and it’s intense cardio. I just have the hardest time getting up for cardio at 4am so I changed my morning routine a bit. It works for me but it doesn’t give me as much quiet time in the mornings. I get up at 4:45am and drink my pre-workout. I workout from 5-5:30am and then after my shower I get coffee time from 5:45-6:15am. Between reading my Bible and watching a few minutes of the news I don’t have time to write a blog post. So I’ve gotta figure out how to add this into my routine.

And the other thing that’s been going on…well…Nathan had a vasectomy. And this was supposed to be a simple procedure that turned into a simple recovery. He had it done on Friday, January 11th. Today is the 21st and he’s still not better. He’s still swollen and bruised and in pain. Because it was supposed to be a simple recovery but he got an infection. It’s been awful. He’s been in so much pain and discomfort. To make it worse this morning he took his last antibiotic and he’s still not better. And the antibiotic he’s taking is really hard on his stomach. And now he has to call the doctor and ask for more antibiotic because he’s not better. And he’s losing his patience and I don’t blame him. I’ve cried multiple times for him. I’m so helpless. I can’t do anything to help him. So I’ve just been trying to make really good food for him. I’ve been nurturing the heck out of him. Probably overboard because it’s the only way to feel like I’m helping.

Here’s a couple of the good meals I’ve made in the last week…

Skillet pizza

Breakfast casserole

meatballs with penne pasta

Needless to say my anxiety has been pretty worked up lately. And when I get anxious I get quiet. So that’s where I’ve been and why this blog has been quiet.

Prayers for my husband are welcomed.

P.S. It’s still January.

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