Sunday Meal Planning • Jan 6th

Wowza we have a busy week ahead! It’s all about report card assessments at school as we near the end of the first semester. I have 2 parent meetings and a training at the district office. Nathan has an pre-op appointment and a surgical procedure on Friday. I took the day off to be with him. So ya know throw sub notes into all that mix. Joshua has his breakfast of champions at school and is being recognized for being the respect student of the month. My mother-in-law has a birthday on Tuesday. But what I think I’m most excited for this week is…The Bachelor starts tomorrow!

So with all that being said, my meals this week are quick and easy!

Monday: Sheet pan baked chicken wings and steamed veggies

Tuesday: Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper and corn

Wednesday: Baked chicken breasts topped with cheese & salsa and a green salad

Thursday: Elk fried steak topped with country gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans

Friday: Pioneer Woman’s skillet pizza

The nice thing about a busy week is they go by fast and next weekend at home with my family will be here before ya know it!


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