Share Your…Resolutions!

My bestie Jenna over at Tractors and Glam started a fun little link up with The Bolin Bunch. The first Thursday of each month we will be sharing parts of our lives!

So today it’s all about our 2019 resolutions/goals.

Set goals. Yes, I just made a goal to set goals. Monthly goals. I got this awesome little planner from Commit 30 and each month I can set a 30 day challenge (goal) and then mark off each day that I meet it!

January’s challenge is…

Coffee stands on Friday’s only. I have a bad habit of visiting the coffee stand daily when I’m perfectly capable of making my own coffee at home. This will save me time and money and make the coffee stand feel like a treat!

Workout 5x per week. Every week of the year!! I want to fully commit to my health and just feel my best through daily exercise and moving my body.

Read the Bible. I’ve never read the entire Bible. In fact, I’ve only read bits and pieces. I want to know the stories and know the Word.

Let go of the past. This is going to take some work, and possibly some counseling, but there are some things I’ve experienced the last few years that I’ve buried and this year needs to be the year I surface them, work through them and let them go.

And you know, just be more present with my kids. Be a better listener as a wife. Continue my gratitude journal. Stress less. Worry less. Be happy.

Share where you see yourself in 5 years…

I will be 39. Nathan will hit the big 4-0. Joshua will be 12 and Grady will be 9. We will still be living in our house. I hope the boys are involved in sports and/or obsessed with fishing. Nathan will have his big ol’ shop built in the backyard. I will still be teaching in the Lewiston School District and Nathan will have been promoted at SEL. We will be a happy, healthy little family of 4 that hangs out a lot together outside camping, fishing and hiking.

2 thoughts on “Share Your…Resolutions!

  1. Love it! I love all of your goals for the year and that coffee shop one…you got it! But maybe one week a month you can go twice a week because we still have our dates! Hahaha! Love you!!!

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