10 Days of Christmas Break

Today we are back to school and winter break is officially over. Small sigh. But life keeps moving forward. I am so thankful for the quiet time with my boys and for all the rest. I am refreshed and so ready to see my Webster Family and my 2nd graders today!!

Here’s a look at out holiday break!

On the first day of Christmas break we…

Went to see Santa! Our Elf, Chuck, also brought us treats to celebrate our first day of vacation.

Grady refused to even stand next to Santa this year. He was being shy and stubborn and it didn’t matter how much I bribed he refused. But Joshua was excited to see Santa and smiled so big! He asked for a mountain cave LEGO Minecraft set and those elves better be able to build it because it costs $350 on Amazon. I’m trying to explain to Joshua that Santa has been watching him all year and will get Joshua what he feels is the best fit gift, not necessarily what he asked for. Because the reality is Santa is bringing the boys a basketball hoop. NOT Legos that cost almost $400!!!

On the second day of Christmas Break…

The boys went to Grammy’s and I got to go out to Asotin Elementary and see all my friends! It was great to see some of my old co-workers and my past students. It filled my cup right up! And the boys loved getting to play with Grammy for an afternoon.

On the third day of Christmas Break we…

…had a PJ day!! We never got out of our pajamas and it was glorious! The boys lounged all day long and I cleaned out the downstairs bedroom. That bedroom had become a holding tank for all the things that I had no idea what to do with. It became a place I just dumped everything and you could barely walk in that room. Now it can actually function as a spare bedroom. Next steps are to get our friend Kyle to get his cougar out of there. Buy bedding and window treatments that actually match and a few more things we need to haul out like a broken TV and some chairs. But it’s so much better!

On the fourth day of Christmas Break…

…the boys went to the junk store with Grandma and Grandpa! They picked up these goodies and were so excited.

On the fifth day of Christmas Break we…

…went to see The Grinch at the theater as a family! We loved the movie. It was such a great version and followed the book pretty well, which I always love when a movie is true to the book! We ate too much popcorn and had some family fun.

On the sixth day of Christmas Break…

…we had family time in Moscow! We had the Sprenger family Christmas and everyone could make it this year. It was a full house and it was great to see all my cousins again.

On the seventh & eighth day of Christmas Break…

…we had Christmas! And you can read all about it here.

On the ninth day of Christmas Break…

Joshua Ball Camp

…Joshua had a day camp with the LCSC Warriors basketball team. He was so excited to learn new skills to practice on his basketball hoop that he got from Santa!

On the tenth day of Christmas Break…


…the boys had a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa while Nathan and I had husband and wife time fishing with our friends on the Clearwater River.

It was such a good winter break. I loved every minute of it. It’s hard to go back to work for sure.

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