Weekend Recap • Fishing & Friends

This last weekend was one for the books! After a ton of family time over the holidays this weekend was all about our friends and it was SO good!

Friday night Nathan and I took the boys over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a sleepover. After we dropped the boys off we came home and made dinner together while getting everything ready for our fishing trip. We headed to bed early knowing that we were getting up early.

Saturday we got up at 4am to hit the river with our best friends Adam and Brittnie. Adam has a drift boat and while Nathan’s fished out of it a few times it was my first time in a drift boat. We got all bundled up but the weather was actually pretty dang nice for the end of December. Us girls rode in the front, Adam rowed and Nathan rode in the back of the boat. The best part? Besides being on the quiet, beautiful river with good friends? The fishing was AWESOME! Both Brittnie and I tagged out. I fought the biggest fish I’ve ever caught! It was a 15 pound male steelhead and he was strong! It was one I will always remember.

We got home around 4:30pm and we had all our friends coming over for dinner and social at 5pm so we rushed to shower up and get ready. 5pm our friends showed up! We had 14 adults and 8 kids making it a full house. We ate dinner, played games and just hung out. It was the best.

Sunday was recovery. We were wiped out after such a fun filled, full day. Nathan cleaned fish and prepped it for smoke. We just relaxed at home together. I baked a pork loin for dinner and it was a great Sunday knowing that I still had a few days left before heading back to work.

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