If Pictures Could Talk

We post all these great pictures. Instagram and Facebook are loaded with pictures keeping our friends and family in the loop and staying connected. But the pictures themselves only tell part of the story. There is so much more that happened around that photo. I always thought it would be interesting if pictures could talk and tell EVERYTHING!

I mean, right? Our photo captions don’t always tell the whole truth.

Like, “This is the 8th selfie she’s taken before finally posting it to her Instastory.”

So if pictures could talk this one would tell you…

…that Grady was having a huge meltdown right before this photo was taken and mom was super bummed.

For the first day of Christmas Break I thought it would be fun to take the kids to see Santa Claus in the mall. They were so excited to get all dressed up in their handsome clothes and Grady said, “We are like twins!” But then when it was time to take their pictures and go Grady wasn’t having it. He started being a turd and refused to stand with his brother in front of the tree for a picture. I got frustrated with him and he started crying. All of our sudden our fun Santa day wasn’t fun at all. So I told the kids we weren’t going anymore and then Joshua started crying.

Finally everyone calmed down and we agreed to go and Grady stood in front of the tree for a picture. Of course when we got to the mall he refused to go anywhere near Santa. Little turd.

The funny thing is I posted this picture to Instagram and I’m sure people thought we were doing something fun that day or something holiday related and all was happy. But the truth behind the lens is it was tears and fighting and frustration.

And that’s what you’d learn if pictures could talk.

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