Weekend Recap • All the MEAT

This weekend Nathan was on call so he had to stay close to home. I’ve been battling an awful cold so I wasn’t up for leaving the house. So we decided it was a great weekend to process the elk meat that was given to us by our very good friends. Nathan didn’t kill an elk this year and our friends, Ryan & Tina, both killed one so since they had more meat than they could eat between the two of them they donated a bunch to us! For that we are so thankful.

Backing up a little Friday was our last day of school before break in the Lewiston School District and I had lost my voice! This cold is a butt kicker and after pushing through it all week for my students by Friday I was done. I could barely talk and my students were SO SWEET to me. They filled my cup right up with their empathy. Friday night we went to our dear friends, Adam and Brittnie, home for dinner. They cooked us quail and it was delicious.

Saturday we started grounding and packaging our elk burger. Nathan mixes it with pork shoulder for a little fat. It’s a lot of work but I love processing our own meat.

We spent a good deal of the day doing this. I popped a Costco chicken Alfredo in the oven for dinner. I walked out of the kitchen and found Grady cashed out after being up late the night before.

We ended the day watching a Christmas movie cuddled up in the living room.

Sunday we finished wrapping up the elk burger. We ended up with 140lbs of burger! We gave some to Nathan’s parents and saved a couple of pounds that Nathan is going to make into summer sausage. Nathan also spent all day making a bunch of elk jerky.

I cooked up some of the burger for dinner Sunday night and we had tacos. DELICIOUS! Nathan and I are so happy with how the burger turned out. And of course we ended the weekend cuddled up on the couch for more movies!

Love our weekends homed up together!

Now the boys and I are officially on Christmas Break. I will be documenting it all in a 10 Days of Christmas Break post so watch for that!

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