Friday Favorites

It’s FRIDAY! Yes, Friday. I woke up this morning to my son coughing & triggering his monitor to light up, which woke me up, and I legit thought it was Saturday. I snuggled into my husband just content as can be dreaming of the coffee, PJs and breakfast we’d all share as a family and then I realized it’s NOT Saturday and not only do I have to work today but my alarm was about to go off at 4:10am so I could workout! Oy. Tough realization. But workout is complete and now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee before the workday hustle begins. At least it’s Fri-yay!

So here are some favorites coming at ya!

I found a new liquid foundation that I LOVE. It’s full coverage but light as a feather. It doesn’t clog my pores or cause breakouts. Favorite!

I’ve been slightly hooked on holiday Sixlets. I bought in the bulk bin at Winco. Might have been a mistake because I can’t stop eating them but, a favorite!

Also at Winco, in the check out aisle I picked up this special edition of People magazine. This Is Us is a favorite for sure!!

Our best friends Clay and Kaitlin Greene got their wedding photos back and this one is my favorite! The look at Grady’s face when he spotted me coming down the aisle is priceless!

Also my absolute favorite right now is my fireplace. I love when it’s all decorated for the holidays. My Snapchat followers are probably over it but it’s so pretty and I love it!

December with these two little boys is always my favorite. It’s the best celebrating Christmas with them!!! ❤️ Also. When Joshua gets all dressed up I die. 😍

And that’s a wrap for the week! We don’t have any plans this weekend but I’ve got to get my shopping done! I’m stressing which is what I wanted to avoid. Darn it.

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