A Day in the Life

Here is a look at a day in our life in this season.

I woke up at 4:10am and got dressed for my workout. I have Beachbody On Demand so I can stream hundreds of workouts on my computer, IPad or phone. I use my IPad. Right now I’m doing the 80 Day Obsession program by Autumn Calabrese. Working out at 4:30am is HARD but it’s fun working out with this group. They laugh a lot.

Then I showered and hit the couch for some quiet time. I drink my coffee, watch the news and blog.

At 6:30am I got the boys up and made them chocolate milk and started getting myself ready for the day. After I was dressed and ready I helped the boys get dressed and we were out the door by 7:20am. I dropped the boys off at my mom’s house and then headed to work. I stopped and grabbed a coffee from Hot Shots Expresso first. They are my FAVORITE coffee shop in town!

I get to school between 7:45am-8am everyday. This gives me a nice hour before school starts to prepare for my day ahead. 8:55am the bell rings! The kids were inside yesterday because it was so cold outside. 22 degrees seems warm enough to be outside in my opinion but I don’t make those calls. 🙂 We started our day researching more information about Hanukkah on the IPads.

The kids took notes and then they will begin their informational writing about Hanukkah.

Later in the day we made Dreidels and played a couple rounds with a friend!

School gets out at 3:30pm and teachers are contracted to stay until 3:45pm. After school I picked up the boys because Nathan had a meeting after work so he was later than normal. He’s usually home from Pullman around 3:20pm each day so he picks up the boys.

We came home and I immediately got started on dinner. I made Ree Drummond’s white chicken spaghetti.

After dinner I did the dishes while Joshua sat at the kitchen counter and did his homework.

Of course where Joshua is, Grady is. So Grady sat at the counter with Joshua to watch.

Wednesday nights are my laundry nights and Nathan’s night to do the bath and bedtime routine. So while daddy helped the boys I folded laundry.

The boys were tucked into bed by 7:30pm and I finally got to sit down for the first time. Nathan watched a cowboy movie and I browsed social media for a bit. Then by 8:15pm we were in bed! We both get up at 4am so by 8pm we are pretty spent!

And that’s what a typical weekday looks like for us!

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I love day in the life posts! It is so amazing to see how much people can fit into their days and you are busy! Isn’t that chicken spaghetti so good??!?

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