Weekend Recap • A December Weekend

We just had a nice little December weekend. Full of holiday movies and treat baking and hanging out together.

Friday night was our usual pizza night. We ate in front of the TV and watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix.

Saturday Nathan took the new little fishing boat out on the river after working on the motor the last few weeks. The boys and I went to Walmart to buy some Christmas lights and ingredients for holidays treats. We watched The Pioneer Woman Cowboy Christmas Swap that morning and the boys (all three of them) were drooling over the different cookies!

The boat ran great for Nathan and when he got home I made an easy chicken strips and french fries for dinner. Again we ate dinner in the living room and watched “The Santa Claus.” Dinner on the weekends is fun because we get to eat in the living room with movies.

Sunday we grabbed our Walmart grocery pickup and then spent the day inside just hanging out. It was a pretty wet and cold day.

I did some baking and made Ree Drummond’s holiday haystacks.

Nathan hung the Christmas lights up on the house and surprised the boys with the light projector! Boy were they excited to see our house all light up. Daddy did good!

And just like that another weekend was over. Sunday night bedtime came too soon. This week I have my school’s holiday concert, coffee with my bestie, Nathan has a class and I have multiple staff meetings. Busy as always!

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