December Goals

Well, just like that another month has come and gone. November really flew by! So let’s take a look back at my goals.

Wash the damn truck.  Done. I did get my pickup washed. Unfortunately that’s one of those things that you can’t cross off your list and not have to do again for awhile. My truck already needs washed again. And I hate washing it in the fall/winter. Brr it’s so cold! Rogers Toyota offers me free car washes but they are always so busy that I never want to wait. Anyway, no more excuses. I need to wash my truck again. Hello December goals!

Start my Christmas Shopping. I’ve started! And I wanted to wrap as I buy and I have done that as well. I already have a couple wrapped presents under the tree. Winning!

Have Christmas letter & cards made and ready to mail by Dec. 1st. Fail. I did not get this done. I do know the pictures I want to use for my holiday cards but that’s about it. I need to get on this ASAP. I’ve already started receiving cards in the mail. Some people are on top of life.

Workout 3x per week. I did this! I averaged around 4x per week. I feel so much better when I work out. Physically I feel sore but non-scale victories with my strength feel so good! Emotionally and mentally I just feel better. I am so glad I’ve started working out again. I’m going to up my game this month!

Reorganize the closets. Done. Boy does that feel better.

Write a blog post 5x per week.  Also done. I’ve really enjoyed blogging every day! Writing is such a great outlet.

Soooo let’s take a look at December.

Workout 5x per week. Like I said, time to step it up. The plan is to work out M-F but if I sleep in one morning I will make it up on Saturday. I like not having to workout on the weekends though.

Say No. Yes, this is a goal for December. Think about how many things you’re asked to do in December! Will you donate to this charity? Will you give food? Will you attend this party? Will you go to this parade or this event and that event? I mean it gets CRAZY! And when it starts to feel crazy that is when stress is born and the true meaning of the season is lost. Please don’t mistake me for a grinch. I will donate to ONE cause or charity that I believe in. But I can’t stretch my pocket book too thin so there are others I will have to say no to. I will attend a Christmas party but I can’t say yes to them all or I’d never be home with my kids. The people pleaser in me struggles with saying no. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s going on so I will say no to things so that I can cuddle up in front of the tree with my family and relax. Be quiet. Be still. Soak up the Reason.

Santa Pictures and Locomotive Park. I’ve been taking Joshua to see Ridingers Santa in the mall since he was 3 years old and last year Grady got in the picture. I would really like to get another picture with Santa this year. Maybe Grady will even sit on his lap this year. Maybe. I also want to go out to dinner and walk through the lighted train park with my mom and the kids.

Buy a 2019 Planner. I need to get a new planner and start planning the new year!

Bring on December and all the holiday cheer!

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