Christmas 2018 Home Tour

Welcome to my home for the holidays! I love decorating for this time of the year. It’s all about the white lights. The white lights warm my soul. Early mornings coffee by the lights are my absolute favorite!

My tree is a gold and red theme. I love it!

The fireplace mantle is also my favorite to decorate. All year long, but especially Christmas time when I can hang the stockings and place the garland. (I need to buy some red candles for my candle holders. They were my grandma and papa’s and I remember them on their fireplace.

The boys love their tree. I let them decorate it all by themselves and I never touch their ornaments. It’s their tree to decorate as they please. They also love their nutcrackers.

On the boys’ table in the living room I have their picture with Santa. This one is from last year and it’s so precious.

This table is a little tribute to my grandparents. The brass reindeer were my grandma’s. On the bottom is a poem that I wrote for them when I was in junior high. My grandma framed it and after they passed away I got it so I display it every year. It’s a poem about spending Christmas Eve at their house.

More memories on this table. My dad and a very old Frosty the Snowman sentimental musical.

Little holiday touches on the coffee table.

And on top of the coat rack.

Finally, my chalkboard. I will change this a couple times in December because there are so many messages to write.

There you have it! My home for the holidays. Nathan promised to hang lights on the house again this year for the boys. I bought fancy LED lights this year!!

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