Thanksgiving 2018 – Part 2

On the afternoon of Thanksgiving we made a huge bonfire out of scrap wood and pine needles. Nathan racked and racked pine needles! He hooked the trailer up to the four wheeler and The boys loved riding in it!

We spent all afternoon around the bonfire and it was perfect. It wasn’t too cold. Temperatures were in the mid-forties and around the fire it was plenty warm. Grady found an elk skull and carried it around everywhere. This little boy absolutely LOVES to be outside!

Grady wanted to ride the four wheeler all day helping daddy.



Joshua really wanted to walk the trails so Grandpa took his boys for a walk.

Around 3:30pm is time to feed the deer. Grady loves to help Grandpa with this chore. We all headed inside after this to get dinner ready.

And what do you do if there are a ton of deer right outside the cabin window feeding? You pretend to shoot them of course! 🙂

My mother-in-law never fails at making the BEST Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was perfect. Super moist and delicious. The stuff was delicious and the mashed potatoes were perfect!

We went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Joshua shared that he was thankful for his family. Grady said, “I am thankful for my family, too!” And I loved what Nathan’s dad shared. He said, “I’m thankful that when Mom and I were much older than we should have been I said to her, ‘Let’s have a baby’ and we did. And because of that we have Nathan and Tara and you boys.” All the feels!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful escape to our happy place at the cabin and it was exactly the break we needed. I came home with a full and happy heart. We have so much to be thankful for.

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