Weekend Recap • Wrapping up Thanksgiving Break

Well that break was exactly what I needed! I have been so busy I just needed a break from responsibility. I got it and it was wonderful. I will Recap our Thanksgiving at the cabin tomorrow. For today, here’s what we did this weekend.

We came home Saturday morning from the cabin leaving snow behind us. When we got home I made lunch for the family and then meal planned for the week and got my Walmart Grocery order submitted through the app. After a couple days of over-indulging I needed to sweat it out so I got a good workout in. After a quick shower I started getting some of the Christmas decor out. I used leftover turkey to make an Alfredo noodle dinner and my little family of 4 cuddled up with popcorn and watched “Christmas Vacation.”

Sunday we got up and I made the family sausage and hash browns for breakfast. Then we went to Walmart to pickup our order and hit up Costco. I found these shark tail blankets that I’ve been looking for for the boys and I haven’t been able to find them under $30 until yesterday!! When I saw these for $12.99 at Costco I had to get them! So Nathan took the boys out to the truck after we checked out and I went back in to sneaky buy them.

When we got home I unloaded all the groceries and then the boys and I finished decorating for Christmas! I will post our Xmas decor on Wednesday! But for now, here’s a peak.

I got a ton of laundry done and then made delicious French dip sandwiches for dinner.

We ended our weekend cuddled up again with a movie. What a relaxing weekend with my family!

And now it’s back to reality and reality is going to slap us hard! I work until 6pm tonight with professional development after school. I have a hair appt tomorrow, Joshua’s holiday concert on Thursday for school and Nathan has to work Saturday. Back to BUSY!!!

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