What’s Up Wednesday in November?!

Do you remember those MySpace surveys people would fill out? They were so fun to answer and even more fun to read other people’s. We are such nosy little nellies and love to know what people are up to all the time (introduce the Facebook wall.) I’ve seen the surveys come back to social media a little bit on Instagram stories. And this What’s Up Wednesday link up is the blog version. It’s a bunch of questions about what’s been going on for the month. It’s kind of fun. So here we go!

What I’m reminiscing about…

Big family gatherings for the holidays.

Before my Grandma Linda and Papa Gene passed away we always had big family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Grandma passed away we tried to keep the traditions going but it just wasn’t the same. The gatherings slowly faded. I’ve lost so many people in the last 6 years and while I think of them ALL the time, I especially miss them this time of year.

What I’m loving…

The new Thomas Rhett album. I’ve been listening to it on replay!

What we’ve been up to…

Honestly, it’s been a lot of sickness in our house! Grady, Joshua and I are all in 3 different, new schools this year and with all the new germs no one can get well. It’s been one cold after another and the flu. I’ve washed bedding so much from either puking from a sour stomach or coughing so hard there’s puke. Oy.

We also bought a new fishing boat this month! The boys are so excited that this boat is for them and they can play in it and fish in it until their little hearts are full!

What I’m dreading…

Nothing. I love the holidays and this time of year. So much to look for award to!!

What I’m working on…

Finding a Christmas tree and getting my shopping done. I’ve also taken an interest in calligraphy and have been practicing. I find it very therapeutic and a way to calm my mind. I also am thinking about making some signs for Christmas presents.

What I’m excited about…

We are leaving for the cabin today for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!! It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. We’ve been going to the cabin for the last 14 years for Thanksgiving. Nathan, the boys and I and his parents. It’s low-key and relaxing.

What I’m reading…

I started reading this book this summer and then enter the school year and I haven’t found the time to finish a book! But I’m trying to finish her!

What I’m watching…

What I’m listening to…


What else?!

I can’t believe we are already to Thanksgiving and that November is almost over. I am looking forward to Christmas break with my boys and all the memories and new traditions I can make with them.

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