Weekend Recap • Preppin For Winter

Oh how I needed this weekend. My anxiety was flared up last week and all I wanted to do was be at home with my family and that’s exactly what I got this weekend!

Friday night I made cashew chicken for dinner. What no pizza night?! After 3 episodes of puking up pizza in this house I just couldn’t. Damn flu and illness that just won’t leave this house! Joshua was having a really rough night for some reason so he needed some extra love and we cheered him up with a dance party in the kitchen after dinner!

Saturday morning the 4 of us were cuddled up with coffee, chocolate milk and cartoons. We were slow to get out of our PJ’s. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies. Joshua’s school had a fundraiser so I ordered a batch of pre-cooked cookie dough. I love having this kind of cookie dough in the freezer because I am NOT a baker! I love to cook but I suck at baked goods and kind of hate the mess. So this way I can just pull some dough out of the freezer and cook up a batch of cookies whenever I want. Perfection.

Then we all headed outside to get the yard prepped for winter. Joshua picked up after the dog (5 gallons of it!) and I pruned back some of my plants. I also cleaned out my pots. Nathan blew the leaves and mowed the yard one final time. We got the camper cover on.

Saturday night we had dinner together and Joshua was sent to bed early for a disrespectful attitude. That kid has just been struggling lately. He has been talking back so bad and he has this disrespectful, rude tone so often. We’ve just had it so Sunday Joshua woke up to his ticket system. He starts with 3 tickets and if he’s disrespectful he loses a ticket. When he loses all 3 tickets he’s sent to his room until dinner. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only 10am. If he loses all 3 tickets after dinner he’s sent to bed. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s only 5:30pm. Ain’t no room for disrespect in this house!

Speaking of Sunday, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then Nathan went steelhead fishing with his dad. The boys and I did some shopping. We got a few groceries and then went to the mall to write letters to Santa. The kids looked at toys and dreamed of all the things they want to Christmas.

We came home and I did all the Sunday laundry. It was a COLD but beautiful day. It was the perfect day to make elk stew for dinner! I paired it with a corn bread and we all gobbled it up!

I also started practicing my lettering and am finding it very therapeutic. It’s super relaxing and something I’m really enjoying.

My Sunday night ended with a bath and a movie in bed with my hubby.

And now it’s Monday and back to work! However, we only have 2 days of school this week and then 5 days off. I think I can handle that!! It’s Thanksgiving week and while we still aren’t sure what our plans are (something I’m trying not to stress about) I know I will be with my family and that’s what matters.

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