These Boys

Look at these sweet boys…

I’m so glad they are mine! I haven’t written about the boys specifically for awhile so I thought I would do that today.

Starting with Joshua.

Joshua is going to be SEVEN in a few months and I can hardly believe it! He is getting so big yet holding onto his innocence. He still believes in Santa Claus and loves snuggles with his Mama. Joshua is learning how to read and he’s really starting to take off with his reading. It’s so fun to watch. He likes to spell EVERYTHING he can and feels so proud when he knows what signs and labels say.

He still loves to giggle and be silly. Joshua loves his dad’s sense of humor and is picking up a wit of his own. He flips his mama sh*t allll the time. He loves Minecraft and LEGOs and basketball. He also loves to argue and can sometimes be mean to his little brother. He hates that Nathan and I are the boss of the house so he tries to be the boss of Grady and it gets him into trouble sometimes. Boy do I love this silly, smart, sweet, hard-headed guy.

And then there’s Grady.

This guy wants to shoot all the guns and live in the boat! He LOVES boats and fishing and shooting nerf bullets at everything!

Grady is really good at using his imagination. He loves to play with his toys all by himself and will imaginary play for hours at times. He’s sweet as can be but fierce when he doesn’t get his way. As the youngest in the house he feels like he has to hold his ground on what he wants. But he hates to get in trouble and is super sensitive so it doesn’t take much to correct behavior. He loves his mama and still crawls in my lap regularly. Grady started preschool this year and he LOVES it! I am so proud of him.

Grady ADORES Joshua. It doesn’t matter how mean or controlling Joshua gets with Grady he still just loves him and wants to be near his brother always. Joshua is super protective of his little brother and gets super upset if Grady gets hurt. Big brother is also really good at watching out for little brother and keeping him safe. šŸ’™

They are my favorite part of everyday. I love these two boys so so much and being their Mama is a privilege.

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