Weekend Recap • Impromptu Weekend

Our weekend started early with a day off on Friday! Grady still had preschool in the morning so I got to take him to school. I love being able to drop off and pick up my kids from school because I rarely get to. Around 1pm we headed for Pullman to pick Nathan up from work and headed to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to look at a fishing boat. The forecast called for a light rain/snow mix. We didn’t think twice about it.

And this is what we drove into.

The boys were so excited to see the first snow! Meanwhile Nathan and I were cussing the snow and all the idiots on the road that forgot how to drive in it since last winter. We also got hit twice!

Of course the boys had to pick up the snow first thing while Nathan inspected the boat.

Deciding it was an awesome boat and exactly what he was looking for, Nathan bought it! It’s a small fishing boat for him and the boys.

And since people drive insane in the snow, he was pulling a boat he’d never pulled before and his entire family was in the pickup Nathan didn’t feel comfortable driving home so we decided to find a hotel and stay the night in CDA. We are planners and not fly by the seat of our pants kind of people so this was quite the adventure for us! We went to the Olive Garden for dinner.

And then checked into our hotel. The boys were SO excited!!

Meanwhile our good friends Ryan and Tina stepped in to help us with our girl at home. When we left Sage we didn’t expect it to be over night. Thank goodness for friends!!

We got up early Saturday morning, had breakfast at the hotel and headed for home. It was beautiful when we got out of the fog.

Nathan and Grady spent the day out in the boat while Joshua and I hung out inside. We are not cold weather people. And it was COLD out!

Joshua did get in the boat a little. These fishermen are ready!

I made a pot of chili for dinner. The perfect meal for my cold boys after they had been outside all day!

Sunday was a day at home. I made breakfast for the family, always a favorite.

I also had some grading to get done and Nathan worked in the boat again all day.

That evening while I cooked dinner Joshua worked on his homework.

And just like that the weekend was over. They always go too quick!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap • Impromptu Weekend

  1. Well first of all, how fun was your weekend…minus the snow and getting hit twice…what the heck?!?! Second, that floral towel is the cutest! I love weekends like this! And thank goodness for good friends to step in and take care of your fur baby!

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