Blog Reflection

I started this little space in October 2011. I was pregnant with Joshua and decided I would document my pregnancy and journey with a little boy. And here we are today, November 2018, and this blog is still going. So I thought it would be fun to reflect back on where I’ve been and WOW has my motherhood transformed.

Let’s start at the beginning. My very first blog post:

Little Boys Are Made Of…

This post reminds me of alll the feelings that go with being 9 months pregnant and right before you have your first baby…

There’s Pregnant…And Then There’s 9 Months Pregnant

The birth stories are my favorite. I love reading my birth stories over and over again but the truth is I remember all the details like it was yesterday. The most sacred experience in my life.

My Birth Story


With your first baby you document all of the “firsts.” You just do. And the second child, not so much. Here is the first time Joshua had solid food. (And boy was he CUTE!)

Joshua’s First Solid Food


I love this post reflecting on my first year of motherhood and all of the pictures of how Joshua changed each month. It’s crazy how FAST babies grow!!

2012 in Review


Then we announced we were having…Another Baby Boy!

and Grady’s birth story.

Grady Dean Tumelson Is Born


My Project 52: Motherhood Is…
This was supposed to take 52 weeks but instead a few years later I still haven’t finished it. But I will.



I love that I documented Grady getting his Big Boy Bed.


And then I added to this space and branched out from just being a mom to also my life as a teacher and started my What’s Up Wednesday posts.


I am excited to being more dedicated to Little Boys Are Made Of and having this outlet for expression. Let me know if you’re reading and I hope you enjoyed looking back as much as I have!

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