Motherhood is…Maturity

Becoming a mom grows a woman.

This one is hard for me to put into words because I just FEEL different. And you know women, we can’t always explain how we feel. Emotions sometimes don’t have explanations due to the female chemical makeup. Haha!

The best way I can explain it is my views on life have morphed in a more mature way. I focus less on myself and more on others. The things that are important to me are less petty and more important. One could argue that I’m just getting older and therefore more mature but when I look at women of the same age without children I’m reminded it’s not only age that has grown me, it’s my children. 💙

2 thoughts on “52:39

  1. So true about the focus shifting from you, to them. But also, my joke maturity has definitely dwindled…I mean I love a good knock knock joke and crude little boy humor! Hahaha!

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