Weekend Recap • Relax & Recharge

As I sit down to right this post I realize that I didn’t take many pictures this weekend. It was a very low key weekend. I needed to relax after a busy week last week and to recharge for an upcoming busy week this week! We have parent/teacher conferences this week so I will be working 12 hour days both Wednesday and Thursday til 8pm.

Friday night the weekend didn’t start off as planned. There was NO resting! We had our regular Friday pizza night and lounging in front of the TV. I put the kids to bed and then Nathan and I headed to bed around 8:30pm. At 10pm Grady woke up with a terrible stomach ache. I crawled into bed with him and he was rolling around in pain. Neither one of us were getting any sleep so just before 11pm we got up to watch cartoons on the couch. Finally at midnight I told Grady we had to go back to bed to get some sleep. We laid in bed for another 20 minutes when Grady sat up and puked all over us and the bed! I got us cleaned up and stripped the bed to throw in the washing machine. I made a bed on the living room floor for Grady and I slept on the couch. I finally got Grady to sleep around 1am and then a dog started barking in our neighborhood. Needless to say I didn’t get back to sleep until almost 2am. So much for a good nights sleep.

Saturday was a day at home. Nathan went fishing for a a few hours and I cleaned the house a bit. Grady took a nice, long nap and I got in some Teen Mom. We had friends over for dinner Saturday night.

Sunday was a lazy day at home. I did go to Winco to get my grocery shopping done and other than that it was laundry and lounging. I watched a movie and the boys played on their tablets. I made a really good dinner and then had a bath with a glass of wine to end my weekend.

This one pot meal is amazing and you can find the recipe here from my friend Jenna on her Tractors and Glam blog. And while you’re there check out her recipe box because her cooking is legit!

I was able to recharge Saturday and Sunday and I’m feeling more ready for the week ahead!

Cheers to Monday!

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