Friday Favorites

Whew! It’s been a week y’all! Working late into the evening, Halloween, overtired kids…lots of things that are NOT my favorite. But what is my favorite? FRIDAY! And it’s here!

I saw this meme and it was instantly a favorite because almost every woman I talk to says her husband does this. What is it about actually getting the clothes INTO the basket?!

These earrings were my Grandma Linda’s and I can remember her wearing them because I loved them. So clever. I get lots of compliments from both kids and adults when I wear them in October. My class also said, “Look Mrs. Tumelson’s earrings are Charlotte and her web!” FAVORITE.

This is a guilty little pleasure but Teen Mom OG is a favorite. I’ve been watching all 4 of these ladies since they were 16 and Pregnant. Also a huge favorite is that Farrah was kicked off of MTV because she’s INSANE, and in adult entertainment, but mostly insane.

This writing prompt: “If My Teacher Turned Into a Witch” was a favorite in my class this week. The kids loved writing about what I would smell like and eat if I was a witch. They did so good on it. Fun!

And now honestly, my favorite is that I don’t have any plans this weekend so I can relax and recharge with my family.

Happy Friday!

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