December Goals

Well, just like that another month has come and gone. November really flew by! So let’s take a look back at my goals.

Wash the damn truck.  Done. I did get my pickup washed. Unfortunately that’s one of those things that you can’t cross off your list and not have to do again for awhile. My truck already needs washed again. And I hate washing it in the fall/winter. Brr it’s so cold! Rogers Toyota offers me free car washes but they are always so busy that I never want to wait. Anyway, no more excuses. I need to wash my truck again. Hello December goals!

Start my Christmas Shopping. I’ve started! And I wanted to wrap as I buy and I have done that as well. I already have a couple wrapped presents under the tree. Winning!

Have Christmas letter & cards made and ready to mail by Dec. 1st. Fail. I did not get this done. I do know the pictures I want to use for my holiday cards but that’s about it. I need to get on this ASAP. I’ve already started receiving cards in the mail. Some people are on top of life.

Workout 3x per week. I did this! I averaged around 4x per week. I feel so much better when I work out. Physically I feel sore but non-scale victories with my strength feel so good! Emotionally and mentally I just feel better. I am so glad I’ve started working out again. I’m going to up my game this month!

Reorganize the closets. Done. Boy does that feel better.

Write a blog post 5x per week.  Also done. I’ve really enjoyed blogging every day! Writing is such a great outlet.

Soooo let’s take a look at December.

Workout 5x per week. Like I said, time to step it up. The plan is to work out M-F but if I sleep in one morning I will make it up on Saturday. I like not having to workout on the weekends though.

Say No. Yes, this is a goal for December. Think about how many things you’re asked to do in December! Will you donate to this charity? Will you give food? Will you attend this party? Will you go to this parade or this event and that event? I mean it gets CRAZY! And when it starts to feel crazy that is when stress is born and the true meaning of the season is lost. Please don’t mistake me for a grinch. I will donate to ONE cause or charity that I believe in. But I can’t stretch my pocket book too thin so there are others I will have to say no to. I will attend a Christmas party but I can’t say yes to them all or I’d never be home with my kids. The people pleaser in me struggles with saying no. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s going on so I will say no to things so that I can cuddle up in front of the tree with my family and relax. Be quiet. Be still. Soak up the Reason.

Santa Pictures and Locomotive Park. I’ve been taking Joshua to see Ridingers Santa in the mall since he was 3 years old and last year Grady got in the picture. I would really like to get another picture with Santa this year. Maybe Grady will even sit on his lap this year. Maybe. I also want to go out to dinner and walk through the lighted train park with my mom and the kids.

Buy a 2019 Planner. I need to get a new planner and start planning the new year!

Bring on December and all the holiday cheer!

Christmas 2018 Home Tour

Welcome to my home for the holidays! I love decorating for this time of the year. It’s all about the white lights. The white lights warm my soul. Early mornings coffee by the lights are my absolute favorite!

My tree is a gold and red theme. I love it!

The fireplace mantle is also my favorite to decorate. All year long, but especially Christmas time when I can hang the stockings and place the garland. (I need to buy some red candles for my candle holders. They were my grandma and papa’s and I remember them on their fireplace.

The boys love their tree. I let them decorate it all by themselves and I never touch their ornaments. It’s their tree to decorate as they please. They also love their nutcrackers.

On the boys’ table in the living room I have their picture with Santa. This one is from last year and it’s so precious.

This table is a little tribute to my grandparents. The brass reindeer were my grandma’s. On the bottom is a poem that I wrote for them when I was in junior high. My grandma framed it and after they passed away I got it so I display it every year. It’s a poem about spending Christmas Eve at their house.

More memories on this table. My dad and a very old Frosty the Snowman sentimental musical.

Little holiday touches on the coffee table.

And on top of the coat rack.

Finally, my chalkboard. I will change this a couple times in December because there are so many messages to write.

There you have it! My home for the holidays. Nathan promised to hang lights on the house again this year for the boys. I bought fancy LED lights this year!!

Thanksgiving 2018 – Part 2

On the afternoon of Thanksgiving we made a huge bonfire out of scrap wood and pine needles. Nathan racked and racked pine needles! He hooked the trailer up to the four wheeler and The boys loved riding in it!

We spent all afternoon around the bonfire and it was perfect. It wasn’t too cold. Temperatures were in the mid-forties and around the fire it was plenty warm. Grady found an elk skull and carried it around everywhere. This little boy absolutely LOVES to be outside!

Grady wanted to ride the four wheeler all day helping daddy.



Joshua really wanted to walk the trails so Grandpa took his boys for a walk.

Around 3:30pm is time to feed the deer. Grady loves to help Grandpa with this chore. We all headed inside after this to get dinner ready.

And what do you do if there are a ton of deer right outside the cabin window feeding? You pretend to shoot them of course! 🙂

My mother-in-law never fails at making the BEST Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was perfect. Super moist and delicious. The stuff was delicious and the mashed potatoes were perfect!

We went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Joshua shared that he was thankful for his family. Grady said, “I am thankful for my family, too!” And I loved what Nathan’s dad shared. He said, “I’m thankful that when Mom and I were much older than we should have been I said to her, ‘Let’s have a baby’ and we did. And because of that we have Nathan and Tara and you boys.” All the feels!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful escape to our happy place at the cabin and it was exactly the break we needed. I came home with a full and happy heart. We have so much to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving 2018 – Part 1

We LOVE going to the cabin for Thanksgiving! Each year we head up Wednesday after Nathan gets off work and stay until Saturday morning. It’s peaceful and relaxing and beautiful and all of us just love it up there! Grady was like an anxious puppy all day. He just couldn’t wait to hit the road and get to the cabin! When we got there Wednesday night we had pizza and just hung out chatting until bedtime.

Thanksgiving Morning Nathan and his dad went out deer hunting for a bit while Grandma, the boys and I had a lazy morning in the cabin. We ate breakfast and Grady helped Grandma get started on Thanksgiving dinner.

The guys got back around Noon so we had lunch and then went outside! The boys and I took a walk around the property. It’s sooo beautiful at the cabin!

To be continued…

Weekend Recap • Wrapping up Thanksgiving Break

Well that break was exactly what I needed! I have been so busy I just needed a break from responsibility. I got it and it was wonderful. I will Recap our Thanksgiving at the cabin tomorrow. For today, here’s what we did this weekend.

We came home Saturday morning from the cabin leaving snow behind us. When we got home I made lunch for the family and then meal planned for the week and got my Walmart Grocery order submitted through the app. After a couple days of over-indulging I needed to sweat it out so I got a good workout in. After a quick shower I started getting some of the Christmas decor out. I used leftover turkey to make an Alfredo noodle dinner and my little family of 4 cuddled up with popcorn and watched “Christmas Vacation.”

Sunday we got up and I made the family sausage and hash browns for breakfast. Then we went to Walmart to pickup our order and hit up Costco. I found these shark tail blankets that I’ve been looking for for the boys and I haven’t been able to find them under $30 until yesterday!! When I saw these for $12.99 at Costco I had to get them! So Nathan took the boys out to the truck after we checked out and I went back in to sneaky buy them.

When we got home I unloaded all the groceries and then the boys and I finished decorating for Christmas! I will post our Xmas decor on Wednesday! But for now, here’s a peak.

I got a ton of laundry done and then made delicious French dip sandwiches for dinner.

We ended our weekend cuddled up again with a movie. What a relaxing weekend with my family!

And now it’s back to reality and reality is going to slap us hard! I work until 6pm tonight with professional development after school. I have a hair appt tomorrow, Joshua’s holiday concert on Thursday for school and Nathan has to work Saturday. Back to BUSY!!!

What’s Up Wednesday in November?!

Do you remember those MySpace surveys people would fill out? They were so fun to answer and even more fun to read other people’s. We are such nosy little nellies and love to know what people are up to all the time (introduce the Facebook wall.) I’ve seen the surveys come back to social media a little bit on Instagram stories. And this What’s Up Wednesday link up is the blog version. It’s a bunch of questions about what’s been going on for the month. It’s kind of fun. So here we go!

What I’m reminiscing about…

Big family gatherings for the holidays.

Before my Grandma Linda and Papa Gene passed away we always had big family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Grandma passed away we tried to keep the traditions going but it just wasn’t the same. The gatherings slowly faded. I’ve lost so many people in the last 6 years and while I think of them ALL the time, I especially miss them this time of year.

What I’m loving…

The new Thomas Rhett album. I’ve been listening to it on replay!

What we’ve been up to…

Honestly, it’s been a lot of sickness in our house! Grady, Joshua and I are all in 3 different, new schools this year and with all the new germs no one can get well. It’s been one cold after another and the flu. I’ve washed bedding so much from either puking from a sour stomach or coughing so hard there’s puke. Oy.

We also bought a new fishing boat this month! The boys are so excited that this boat is for them and they can play in it and fish in it until their little hearts are full!

What I’m dreading…

Nothing. I love the holidays and this time of year. So much to look for award to!!

What I’m working on…

Finding a Christmas tree and getting my shopping done. I’ve also taken an interest in calligraphy and have been practicing. I find it very therapeutic and a way to calm my mind. I also am thinking about making some signs for Christmas presents.

What I’m excited about…

We are leaving for the cabin today for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!! It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. We’ve been going to the cabin for the last 14 years for Thanksgiving. Nathan, the boys and I and his parents. It’s low-key and relaxing.

What I’m reading…

I started reading this book this summer and then enter the school year and I haven’t found the time to finish a book! But I’m trying to finish her!

What I’m watching…

What I’m listening to…


What else?!

I can’t believe we are already to Thanksgiving and that November is almost over. I am looking forward to Christmas break with my boys and all the memories and new traditions I can make with them.


Motherhood is…Royalty.

Seriously, I’m treated like a Queen by my two little boys. I’m also treated like a maid and a chef but you can read all about that here and here.

But so many times I am treated like royalty. I have little boys that kiss my hand and softly stroke my cheek. Grady said to me, “I love you Mommy and you’re so beautiful.” They make presents for me just because. Last night I was crying so both boys ran to my side to comfort me. I heard Joshua say to Grady, “She’s crying” from the other room and then they ran into the kitchen to me. They take care of their queen. ❤️

Weekend Recap • Preppin For Winter

Oh how I needed this weekend. My anxiety was flared up last week and all I wanted to do was be at home with my family and that’s exactly what I got this weekend!

Friday night I made cashew chicken for dinner. What no pizza night?! After 3 episodes of puking up pizza in this house I just couldn’t. Damn flu and illness that just won’t leave this house! Joshua was having a really rough night for some reason so he needed some extra love and we cheered him up with a dance party in the kitchen after dinner!

Saturday morning the 4 of us were cuddled up with coffee, chocolate milk and cartoons. We were slow to get out of our PJ’s. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies. Joshua’s school had a fundraiser so I ordered a batch of pre-cooked cookie dough. I love having this kind of cookie dough in the freezer because I am NOT a baker! I love to cook but I suck at baked goods and kind of hate the mess. So this way I can just pull some dough out of the freezer and cook up a batch of cookies whenever I want. Perfection.

Then we all headed outside to get the yard prepped for winter. Joshua picked up after the dog (5 gallons of it!) and I pruned back some of my plants. I also cleaned out my pots. Nathan blew the leaves and mowed the yard one final time. We got the camper cover on.

Saturday night we had dinner together and Joshua was sent to bed early for a disrespectful attitude. That kid has just been struggling lately. He has been talking back so bad and he has this disrespectful, rude tone so often. We’ve just had it so Sunday Joshua woke up to his ticket system. He starts with 3 tickets and if he’s disrespectful he loses a ticket. When he loses all 3 tickets he’s sent to his room until dinner. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only 10am. If he loses all 3 tickets after dinner he’s sent to bed. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s only 5:30pm. Ain’t no room for disrespect in this house!

Speaking of Sunday, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then Nathan went steelhead fishing with his dad. The boys and I did some shopping. We got a few groceries and then went to the mall to write letters to Santa. The kids looked at toys and dreamed of all the things they want to Christmas.

We came home and I did all the Sunday laundry. It was a COLD but beautiful day. It was the perfect day to make elk stew for dinner! I paired it with a corn bread and we all gobbled it up!

I also started practicing my lettering and am finding it very therapeutic. It’s super relaxing and something I’m really enjoying.

My Sunday night ended with a bath and a movie in bed with my hubby.

And now it’s Monday and back to work! However, we only have 2 days of school this week and then 5 days off. I think I can handle that!! It’s Thanksgiving week and while we still aren’t sure what our plans are (something I’m trying not to stress about) I know I will be with my family and that’s what matters.

These Boys

Look at these sweet boys…

I’m so glad they are mine! I haven’t written about the boys specifically for awhile so I thought I would do that today.

Starting with Joshua.

Joshua is going to be SEVEN in a few months and I can hardly believe it! He is getting so big yet holding onto his innocence. He still believes in Santa Claus and loves snuggles with his Mama. Joshua is learning how to read and he’s really starting to take off with his reading. It’s so fun to watch. He likes to spell EVERYTHING he can and feels so proud when he knows what signs and labels say.

He still loves to giggle and be silly. Joshua loves his dad’s sense of humor and is picking up a wit of his own. He flips his mama sh*t allll the time. He loves Minecraft and LEGOs and basketball. He also loves to argue and can sometimes be mean to his little brother. He hates that Nathan and I are the boss of the house so he tries to be the boss of Grady and it gets him into trouble sometimes. Boy do I love this silly, smart, sweet, hard-headed guy.

And then there’s Grady.

This guy wants to shoot all the guns and live in the boat! He LOVES boats and fishing and shooting nerf bullets at everything!

Grady is really good at using his imagination. He loves to play with his toys all by himself and will imaginary play for hours at times. He’s sweet as can be but fierce when he doesn’t get his way. As the youngest in the house he feels like he has to hold his ground on what he wants. But he hates to get in trouble and is super sensitive so it doesn’t take much to correct behavior. He loves his mama and still crawls in my lap regularly. Grady started preschool this year and he LOVES it! I am so proud of him.

Grady ADORES Joshua. It doesn’t matter how mean or controlling Joshua gets with Grady he still just loves him and wants to be near his brother always. Joshua is super protective of his little brother and gets super upset if Grady gets hurt. Big brother is also really good at watching out for little brother and keeping him safe. 💙

They are my favorite part of everyday. I love these two boys so so much and being their Mama is a privilege.