November Goals

Monthly goal setting isn’t something I’ve done in the past. I have this really bad habit of saying, “I need to wash my truck” and then not make the time and weeks later it’s still not done. I do this so often that my husband just ignores me I think when I list all of the things I want to get done because he knows. This is an area I want to work on. So I guess you could say one of my goals is to accomplish my goals!

And that starts with writing down all of the things and then actually crossing them off my list! My best friend, Jenna, does this on her blog and it’s always so motivating to me. You can read all about her goals here.

So here we go!

Wash the damn truck. You guys I’ve been meaning to wash my truck inside and out for like 2 months now. It needs to happen.

Start my Christmas Shopping. Thank you Jenna for being so on top of life and reminding me that I need to prepare for Christmas BEFORE Dec. 1st to have a more peaceful Christmas. I also want to wrap as I buy.

Have Christmas letter & cards made and ready to mail by Dec. 1st. Ya know when your Christmas card becomes a “holiday” card because it’s December 26th and you still haven’t mailed your cards so now you’re shooting for New Years? Yeah, that’s me. But not this year!!

Workout 3x per week. January I made this commitment to myself that I was going to workout at least 3x/week all year long. It wasn’t just going to be a New Years resolution that only lasts a couple of weeks. And it wasn’t. I made it all the way to July going strong! And then my dad was rushed to the ER and life became stuck in this thick fog and well, I’ve tried to recommit to my health but haven’t been very successful. So November it’s time to recommit to myself and not over indulge in the holiday cheer gaining 10lbs.

Reorganize the closets. The family’s clothes situation needs some work. So I’m going to reorganize the closets and clothes.

Write a blog post 5x per week. This blog has been so stop and go. I started it when I was pregnant with Joshua and over the 7 years I’ll start blogging again a post a bunch and then quit. And then post a couple days in a row and then quit. But I am committed to making the time because writing is an outlet for me and I enjoy it.

So there you have it. All the things for November that will get crossed off my list! Here’s the things with goals (at least for me) sometimes they feel like they have to be these giant, chase your dreams goals. All the Rachel Hollis motivational videos out there can make a girl feel like washing your truck isn’t actually a goal. That washing your face is just a metaphor when in reality you can set a goal to literally start washing your face every night before bed and that’s still an important goal. Because if it’s important to you then it’s important. So don’t not set goals because you think you need this big dream to chase. Girl clean out the closet. Literally.

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