Weekend Recap • Pumpkins, Sun, Rain & a Drive

Weekends go too fast! Can I get an Amen?!

Friday after work I picked up the boys and we headed to The Home Depot to pick up this new rug for our living room. I’m in love with it. And so is Sage because now she can get off the floor easier–no grip with the hardwood.

I called in Fazzaris Home Run for Friday pizza night and we had dinner in front of the TV as a family and watched A Never Ending Story. (Weird ass movie but it totally sucked Grady in!)

Saturday morning we woke up to a broken Keurig. So Nathan and I made coffee the old fashion way on the stovetop. I cooked bacon and eggs for the family. I love cooking breakfast and drinking coffee and hanging with my family on weekend mornings.

After breakfast Nathan went deer hunting while the boys and I headed to Wilson Banner Ranch for pumpkins and apple cider and just enjoying the pumpkin patch. Joshua had been there before with his school but this was Grady’s first time and he was so excited. He loved being able to pick out any pumpkin he wanted.

The last couple of years I’ve carved pumpkins with the boys and both of them are grossed out by the pulp and let’s face it seeds are everywhere and it’s just not my favorite. The boys can’t carve yet as they aren’t quite old enough so I do all of it. Last year both boys just played in the yard and left me to carve all by myself. So this year I wasn’t having it. Instead I let the boys paint their pumpkins and they were so happy to do this. Grady painted his into a skeleton and Joshua painted his pumpkins Minecraft. It was a beautiful fall day so we had to take advantage and painted our pumpkins outside.

After their pumpkins were done we weren’t ready to leave the sun so hung out in the backyard. The boys rode their bikes and I made a cup of coffee and put my feet up.

Nathan got home from hunting/fishing and we grilled burgers for dinner. After the boys went to bed Nathan and I watched “The Glass Castle.” This movie was a little hard for me to watch. For anyone who hasn’t seen it it’s a true story about a free-spirited family that moves around from place to place and watching the daughter’s relationship with her alcoholic father was a little too close to heart for me. As her father was dying of alcoholism he said to her, “A little girl isn’t meant to carry her father on her back.” That hit hard and I bawled.

So Nathan and I went to bed after that.

Sunday morning after coffee and cartoons we headed to Walmart and Costco for all the weekly shopping.

Then we took drive up river. Nathan wanted to check out the water for fly fishing. I love driving along the river. It’s SO beautiful this time of year!

I love the bright yellow of these trees. I’m not sure what kind of trees they are but they are all along the Snake River and their leaves are beautiful right now.

When we got home I got a workout in. I’ve hard a hard time getting up at 4:30am to fit my workout in before work and an even harder time fitting it in after work. So I fit a couple workouts in this weekend.

I also did piles and piles of laundry on Sunday. I work late 2 nights this week and wanted to be caught up. My mom came over for dinner. The boys played a few board games with her while Nathan and I cooked salmon and wild rice for dinner. Then it was homework and bath time and time to wrap up another weekend. I’m always sad to see them go.

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