Friday Favorites

Fri-yay! TGIF! FRIDAY! Friday’s have such a fun vibe, don’t they?

It felt like a quick week. The boys had dentist appointments and both have good looking teeth. It was Grady’s very first time in the dentist chair and he did so good!

Here are some Friday Favorites!

Layered ring. I found this layered ring at Shopko and it’s just costume jewelry but I love it.

Balsam scented candles. My FAVORITE scent! I’d burn it all year long if I could but it has a winter feel to me so I save it. I couldn’t help it and I bought a balsam early!

Notes of encouragement. Tuesday night Joshua did not want to finish his dinner but he really wanted his dessert. He knows the rule and if you don’t finish your dinner, no treat. He started to cry but Nathan and I held tight to the rule. Everyone else was finished and done from the dinner table and there Joshua sat staring at his plate deciding if he should just be done with dinner and miss the dessert or eat. He got up from the table, wrote a note, then sat back down with the note in front of him and ate his dinner. When he left the dinner table I went over to see what he had written and this was on the table.

“You did it before.” He wrote himself a little note of encouragement to let him know that he’s eaten dinner for dessert before and he could do it again. And he did! That little boy is my FAVORITE.

At home workouts. I hate the gym and with two small kids it’s nearly impossible for me to make it to a gym with our schedule. But I love working out in my basement all by myself. And Beachbody on Demand is my favorite! There are hundreds of workouts I can stream in my basement for $8/month. How’s that for a gym membership fee?!

Time hop. Time Hops are my favorite and this photo popped up this week. Painting together for Lacie’s birthday was so fun!

Portrait Mode. I got a new cell phone last week and the portrait mode is my favorite! I love how the background fades and the subject is really vivid. Look at my sweet girl. She is also my favorite.

Today is grade prep today with no students and sitting in my quiet classroom with light music on and having the time to work is also my favorite. We have a really relaxed weekend planned–NO plans at all! And I can’t wait for the family time.

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