Weekend Recap • Fall Fishing & Sunshine

The stomach flu hit our house 2 weeks ago. It started with Grady. Then it hit me last Sunday night and then Joshua on Monday. And the strain of flu we caught was NOT a “24 hour bug.” It came in fierce and left our stomachs in shambles for days! (In fact, we still have rumbling tummies but our appetite and energy is back!) So this weekend was welcomed by a healthy family that couldn’t wait to get out of the house! We couldn’t pass up 70 degrees in late October so we took the Skeeter boat out for one last time before winter settles in.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the water!! The boys were so excited to go fishing on the boat! Grady woke up like it was Christmas morning!

The boys of course stopped fishing a couple times for snacks.

Nathan caught a 4 pounder! He always manages to catch a good one. A beautiful fish!

The boys got to drive the boat and they LOVED it! They both got to sit in daddy’s lap and help him drive.

After fishing we came home and ate dinner in the living room while watching Hotel Transylvania 3.

Sunday morning we spent a lot of time drinking coffee and watching morning cartoons. Then we grabbed our groceries from the Walmart Grocery Pickup and a few other errands. I brought the groceries and boys home and spent most of the day trying to find a large area rug for our living room. I shopped all over town (that was open on a Sunday) No such luck. I hate shopping for anything in Lewiston, Idaho! I’m going to have to order online.

We had our first real meal at the family dinner table together in a week. Family dinner together at the table is one of my favorite parts of my day so I missed this. Nathan grilled a pork loin on the Green Mountain. Mmm.

And just like that the weekend went too quickly. Joshua did some homework. Both boys had a bath and off to bed we all went!

This week report cards are due at school so I’ve got a busy week ahead. We have dentist appointments, haircuts and I have Bunco Thursday night.

Cheers Monday!

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