November Goals

Monthly goal setting isn’t something I’ve done in the past. I have this really bad habit of saying, “I need to wash my truck” and then not make the time and weeks later it’s still not done. I do this so often that my husband just ignores me I think when I list all of the things I want to get done because he knows. This is an area I want to work on. So I guess you could say one of my goals is to accomplish my goals!

And that starts with writing down all of the things and then actually crossing them off my list! My best friend, Jenna, does this on her blog and it’s always so motivating to me. You can read all about her goals here.

So here we go!

Wash the damn truck. You guys I’ve been meaning to wash my truck inside and out for like 2 months now. It needs to happen.

Start my Christmas Shopping. Thank you Jenna for being so on top of life and reminding me that I need to prepare for Christmas BEFORE Dec. 1st to have a more peaceful Christmas. I also want to wrap as I buy.

Have Christmas letter & cards made and ready to mail by Dec. 1st. Ya know when your Christmas card becomes a “holiday” card because it’s December 26th and you still haven’t mailed your cards so now you’re shooting for New Years? Yeah, that’s me. But not this year!!

Workout 3x per week. January I made this commitment to myself that I was going to workout at least 3x/week all year long. It wasn’t just going to be a New Years resolution that only lasts a couple of weeks. And it wasn’t. I made it all the way to July going strong! And then my dad was rushed to the ER and life became stuck in this thick fog and well, I’ve tried to recommit to my health but haven’t been very successful. So November it’s time to recommit to myself and not over indulge in the holiday cheer gaining 10lbs.

Reorganize the closets. The family’s clothes situation needs some work. So I’m going to reorganize the closets and clothes.

Write a blog post 5x per week. This blog has been so stop and go. I started it when I was pregnant with Joshua and over the 7 years I’ll start blogging again a post a bunch and then quit. And then post a couple days in a row and then quit. But I am committed to making the time because writing is an outlet for me and I enjoy it.

So there you have it. All the things for November that will get crossed off my list! Here’s the things with goals (at least for me) sometimes they feel like they have to be these giant, chase your dreams goals. All the Rachel Hollis motivational videos out there can make a girl feel like washing your truck isn’t actually a goal. That washing your face is just a metaphor when in reality you can set a goal to literally start washing your face every night before bed and that’s still an important goal. Because if it’s important to you then it’s important. So don’t not set goals because you think you need this big dream to chase. Girl clean out the closet. Literally.


Motherhood is…unconditional.

According to a quick Google search…

  1. not subject to any conditions.
  2. “unconditional surrender”
wholehearted, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted
Simply said: I love my boys and will always be their mom no matter what.
No matter how maddening their behavior can be. Regardless of how much they defy my authority they are MY humans or how LOUD they are, I love them so much no matter what. There are no conditions required to love my children. Motherhood is one of the most precious gifts.

Weekend Recap • Pumpkins, Sun, Rain & a Drive

Weekends go too fast! Can I get an Amen?!

Friday after work I picked up the boys and we headed to The Home Depot to pick up this new rug for our living room. I’m in love with it. And so is Sage because now she can get off the floor easier–no grip with the hardwood.

I called in Fazzaris Home Run for Friday pizza night and we had dinner in front of the TV as a family and watched A Never Ending Story. (Weird ass movie but it totally sucked Grady in!)

Saturday morning we woke up to a broken Keurig. So Nathan and I made coffee the old fashion way on the stovetop. I cooked bacon and eggs for the family. I love cooking breakfast and drinking coffee and hanging with my family on weekend mornings.

After breakfast Nathan went deer hunting while the boys and I headed to Wilson Banner Ranch for pumpkins and apple cider and just enjoying the pumpkin patch. Joshua had been there before with his school but this was Grady’s first time and he was so excited. He loved being able to pick out any pumpkin he wanted.

The last couple of years I’ve carved pumpkins with the boys and both of them are grossed out by the pulp and let’s face it seeds are everywhere and it’s just not my favorite. The boys can’t carve yet as they aren’t quite old enough so I do all of it. Last year both boys just played in the yard and left me to carve all by myself. So this year I wasn’t having it. Instead I let the boys paint their pumpkins and they were so happy to do this. Grady painted his into a skeleton and Joshua painted his pumpkins Minecraft. It was a beautiful fall day so we had to take advantage and painted our pumpkins outside.

After their pumpkins were done we weren’t ready to leave the sun so hung out in the backyard. The boys rode their bikes and I made a cup of coffee and put my feet up.

Nathan got home from hunting/fishing and we grilled burgers for dinner. After the boys went to bed Nathan and I watched “The Glass Castle.” This movie was a little hard for me to watch. For anyone who hasn’t seen it it’s a true story about a free-spirited family that moves around from place to place and watching the daughter’s relationship with her alcoholic father was a little too close to heart for me. As her father was dying of alcoholism he said to her, “A little girl isn’t meant to carry her father on her back.” That hit hard and I bawled.

So Nathan and I went to bed after that.

Sunday morning after coffee and cartoons we headed to Walmart and Costco for all the weekly shopping.

Then we took drive up river. Nathan wanted to check out the water for fly fishing. I love driving along the river. It’s SO beautiful this time of year!

I love the bright yellow of these trees. I’m not sure what kind of trees they are but they are all along the Snake River and their leaves are beautiful right now.

When we got home I got a workout in. I’ve hard a hard time getting up at 4:30am to fit my workout in before work and an even harder time fitting it in after work. So I fit a couple workouts in this weekend.

I also did piles and piles of laundry on Sunday. I work late 2 nights this week and wanted to be caught up. My mom came over for dinner. The boys played a few board games with her while Nathan and I cooked salmon and wild rice for dinner. Then it was homework and bath time and time to wrap up another weekend. I’m always sad to see them go.

Friday Favorites

Fri-yay! TGIF! FRIDAY! Friday’s have such a fun vibe, don’t they?

It felt like a quick week. The boys had dentist appointments and both have good looking teeth. It was Grady’s very first time in the dentist chair and he did so good!

Here are some Friday Favorites!

Layered ring. I found this layered ring at Shopko and it’s just costume jewelry but I love it.

Balsam scented candles. My FAVORITE scent! I’d burn it all year long if I could but it has a winter feel to me so I save it. I couldn’t help it and I bought a balsam early!

Notes of encouragement. Tuesday night Joshua did not want to finish his dinner but he really wanted his dessert. He knows the rule and if you don’t finish your dinner, no treat. He started to cry but Nathan and I held tight to the rule. Everyone else was finished and done from the dinner table and there Joshua sat staring at his plate deciding if he should just be done with dinner and miss the dessert or eat. He got up from the table, wrote a note, then sat back down with the note in front of him and ate his dinner. When he left the dinner table I went over to see what he had written and this was on the table.

“You did it before.” He wrote himself a little note of encouragement to let him know that he’s eaten dinner for dessert before and he could do it again. And he did! That little boy is my FAVORITE.

At home workouts. I hate the gym and with two small kids it’s nearly impossible for me to make it to a gym with our schedule. But I love working out in my basement all by myself. And Beachbody on Demand is my favorite! There are hundreds of workouts I can stream in my basement for $8/month. How’s that for a gym membership fee?!

Time hop. Time Hops are my favorite and this photo popped up this week. Painting together for Lacie’s birthday was so fun!

Portrait Mode. I got a new cell phone last week and the portrait mode is my favorite! I love how the background fades and the subject is really vivid. Look at my sweet girl. She is also my favorite.

Today is grade prep today with no students and sitting in my quiet classroom with light music on and having the time to work is also my favorite. We have a really relaxed weekend planned–NO plans at all! And I can’t wait for the family time.

A Day in the Life…of the Boys!

I thought it would be fun to take a peak into the day in the life of my boys right now at ages 4 and 6. I know someday looking back it will be fun to read about what their days looked like and remember the simplicity and preciousness of their life at these ages. My boys are growing too fast y’all and I’m just trying to soak this all in!

The first one up, Joshua, was quickly followed by the other one. I made both boys chocolate milk and they slowly woke up while zoning in on cartoons. (They sit together like this under the same blanket every morning and it’s the best! Except when they fight. But most mornings they cuddle.)

They watched cartoons until it was time to get ready for school. I try to feed them breakfast but they’re never ready to eat so early. Grady had a little cereal and Joshua had a granola bar but that’s about it. So we got dressed and ready to head out the door by 7:20am. It was orange day for Joshua at school.

I dropped the boys off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and headed to my own school. Grandma and Grandpa drop Grady off at Wonder World for preschool at 8:30am and then take Joshua to Camelot where school starts at 8:55am. I love the Seesaw app because I get pictures from Joshua’s teacher during the day. I shouldn’t post other people’s children so I won’t share the picture but I love getting a peak into his day.

Grady gets picked up at 10:30am from preschool and spends the rest of the day with Grandma and Grandpa. Joshua gets picked up at 3:20pm and Nathan and I are usually there by 4pm to pick up the boys.

Nathan was working late so I picked the boys up after school. We came home and immediately the boys started fighting with each other. Standard. They had to be separated when they got physical with each other so Joshua was sent to his room and Grady to his. I started cooking dinner so Grady got out his Lincoln Logs while Joshua built his Legos in the playroom at his LEGO station. Most nights they play together but tonight they were pretty independent.

We had dinner as a family at the dinner table. This is my favorite time of the day! We go around the table and share about our days. Joshua has started leading us in this.

“How was your day Grady? What did you do?”

“How was your day Mommy? What did you do in your school?”

“How was your day daddy?”

And then because Joshua is just as competitive as his dad he always asks how many steps on our fitness trackers we each got so he can see if Mom or Dad won in steps for the day!

And then, because I’m the only female in the house, I’ve become the target at dinner time. It almost never fails after we share about our day it’s tease Mommy time! (Can I just say I love that my 6 1/2 and 4 year old still call me “mommy”) I was sharing that I was reading the book “The Witches” by Roald Dahl to my class and that my students think I’m a real witch. So of course Joshua pipes in “Witch. You’re the worst witch in the world who eats garbage” This cracks Nathan up, Joshua giggles giggles giggles which gets Grady and I laughing as well. And the rest of the dinner is laughing together at Joshua’s wit at my expense. 😉

After dinner Joshua gets started on his homework. Of course Grady has to do his “homework” too so he can be just like brother.

Joshua read his baggy books to his dad while I finished up the dishes and then it was time for PJ’s. I helped the boys brush their teeth and then tucked them each into bed with a song.

Lights out. Another day ends. My boys will wake up a day older in the morning. Time be still.

What’s Up Wednesday in 2nd?!

What’s up on this October Wednesday in 2nd grade?! Well, October is all about kindness at Webster Elementary! Each month our school celebrates a character trait so this month it’s all pink and all kindness. In 2nd grade we are taking on a kindness challenge. Each morning I draw a challenge card and the students have all day to the complete the challenge. It’s been so heart warming to watch the kindness flow in my room.


It’s also the end of October which means it’s the end of the first quarter which means assess, assess, assess and report. As in report cards. All of my reading assessments are done and I’m wrapping up the math so that I can have my report cards done on Friday.

We also have the Daily 5 up and running in 2nd grade! This is one of our favorite parts of the day. I’m able to meet with 3 reading groups a day while the kids are engaged in lots of their independent reading and writing. On the right side of this bulletin board is where the reading strategies will be posted. I just started introducing them this week.

We’ve studied bats and spiders which has been a lot of fun for October. I am also reading The Witches by Roald Dahl to the kids. They love it!

And that’s what’s up this month in grade 2! 🙂


Motherhood is…Learning Grace

Grace. Unmerited Favor. Free Forgiveness.

Motherhood is learning to forgive myself for not always getting it right.

I yell at my kids. I don’t like it and sometimes I want to hate myself for it but then I’d be erasing all the things I do right. I don’t always serve them the healthiest food. I don’t read to them every night. I don’t play with them enough.

But they are healthy. They feel safe and secure in our home. They are happy. They are happy.

My boys know how much their Mama loves them.

So for everything else I give myself grace. Learning to forgive myself and doing my best to show up every day for my kids.

Weekend Recap • Fall Fishing & Sunshine

The stomach flu hit our house 2 weeks ago. It started with Grady. Then it hit me last Sunday night and then Joshua on Monday. And the strain of flu we caught was NOT a “24 hour bug.” It came in fierce and left our stomachs in shambles for days! (In fact, we still have rumbling tummies but our appetite and energy is back!) So this weekend was welcomed by a healthy family that couldn’t wait to get out of the house! We couldn’t pass up 70 degrees in late October so we took the Skeeter boat out for one last time before winter settles in.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the water!! The boys were so excited to go fishing on the boat! Grady woke up like it was Christmas morning!

The boys of course stopped fishing a couple times for snacks.

Nathan caught a 4 pounder! He always manages to catch a good one. A beautiful fish!

The boys got to drive the boat and they LOVED it! They both got to sit in daddy’s lap and help him drive.

After fishing we came home and ate dinner in the living room while watching Hotel Transylvania 3.

Sunday morning we spent a lot of time drinking coffee and watching morning cartoons. Then we grabbed our groceries from the Walmart Grocery Pickup and a few other errands. I brought the groceries and boys home and spent most of the day trying to find a large area rug for our living room. I shopped all over town (that was open on a Sunday) No such luck. I hate shopping for anything in Lewiston, Idaho! I’m going to have to order online.

We had our first real meal at the family dinner table together in a week. Family dinner together at the table is one of my favorite parts of my day so I missed this. Nathan grilled a pork loin on the Green Mountain. Mmm.

And just like that the weekend went too quickly. Joshua did some homework. Both boys had a bath and off to bed we all went!

This week report cards are due at school so I’ve got a busy week ahead. We have dentist appointments, haircuts and I have Bunco Thursday night.

Cheers Monday!