Weekend Recap • Quality Time

This weekend it was just me and the little boys. Nathan headed off to hunting camp Friday evening with his good friend after work. I picked up the boys from my mom’s, we ordered pizza and headed to Ryan and Tina’s to eat with them. After we ate we all loaded up and went to Kyle’s house to ride horses. It was the boys’ first time on a horse and they loved it, especially Grady who is my animal lover.

Saturday we had slow, lazy morning which we all love. Then we went to Walmart for some shopping and to pick up our groceries from the grocery pickup (life changing!) We came home and had lunch. Grady was pretty tuckered out from a later night Friday and took a good nap. Joshua played with Legos and helped me pull out all of my Fall decor.

My Grandma Linda made these holiday table runners and they are so precious to me!

I love the fabrics she used!

That night I made a big bed of pillows and blankets on the floor and we watched Jumanji II. We had popcorn and chocolate sundaes. Then the boys slept in our king bed with me!

Sunday was laundry and house cleaning day while we waited for daddy to get home. Adam killed an elk Sunday morning so the guys didn’t get home until early evening. They were so excited when they got home!!

It was a relaxing and restorative weekend for sure!

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