Weekend Recap • Quality Time

This weekend it was just me and the little boys. Nathan headed off to hunting camp Friday evening with his good friend after work. I picked up the boys from my mom’s, we ordered pizza and headed to Ryan and Tina’s to eat with them. After we ate we all loaded up and went to Kyle’s house to ride horses. It was the boys’ first time on a horse and they loved it, especially Grady who is my animal lover.

Saturday we had slow, lazy morning which we all love. Then we went to Walmart for some shopping and to pick up our groceries from the grocery pickup (life changing!) We came home and had lunch. Grady was pretty tuckered out from a later night Friday and took a good nap. Joshua played with Legos and helped me pull out all of my Fall decor.

My Grandma Linda made these holiday table runners and they are so precious to me!

I love the fabrics she used!

That night I made a big bed of pillows and blankets on the floor and we watched Jumanji II. We had popcorn and chocolate sundaes. Then the boys slept in our king bed with me!

Sunday was laundry and house cleaning day while we waited for daddy to get home. Adam killed an elk Sunday morning so the guys didn’t get home until early evening. They were so excited when they got home!!

It was a relaxing and restorative weekend for sure!

Weekend Recap • The North Fork

I couldn’t even write about this weekend. My dad was in the ICU when we went and I just needed to get away. He died just a few days after we got back. I didn’t have it in me to write. But I saw this drafted post and thought I’d still share all the pictures.

As you can see, this weekend was good for my heart.

Friends that are like family are the best. ♥️


Motherhood is…tears

I love these 2 humans so much and am so proud of them it puts tears in my eyes. Sometimes they are so cute I cry. Or they get so passionate about something my eyes get blurry with water. I cry happy tears alll the time as a mom because I am so grateful for these boys that are mine.

Both boys started school recently and they are ROCKING it! Grady is so happy to be in school. He just loves it and tells me all the details of his day. Last night at dinner I asked, “How was school today Gray?” And he responded, “Good. We sang songs and played with toys. We had goldfish [crackers] and read stories.” You know all the important things! His preschool is the best! Joshua loves his school and says he’s a “REAL Camelot Knight!” He likes his teacher and has already found a mischief partner named Bristol. (She might be his new Marlee.)

Yup, just tears over these sweet babies!


Some really simple things make me feel like I’m winning at life on a Monday morning and it all comes from Sunday prep. As I sip my coffee this morning I feel ready for a new week. And it’s super simple, and to you may seem silly, but these life hacks make me feel like a better wife and mom.

1. Meal Planning. I got meals for the work week all planned out so I don’t even have to think about what to make for dinner after a busy day.

2. I’ve already purchased everything for said meal plan! My friend Jenna has told me about the Walmart Grocery app I just haven’t taken the time to try it. Thank goodness I finally took advantage of this life-changing service! As a busy mama of restless little boys that hate grocery shopping this is a game changer! I ordered all my groceries and simply picked them up Sunday morning. You guys, they even load the groceries into your car for you!! I was spending 2 hours of my Sunday every week for grocery shopping. Now it’s 20 mins to run to Walmart and back home!

3. I have all the meats for this week’s meal pulled out of the freezer and in the fridge. No more getting home from work only to realize the chicken is still frozen because I forgot to pull it out of the freezer.

4. I have Joshua’s school lunch menu posted on the fridge with what days he’s having hot lunch or cold lunch. I’ve also counted up the hot lunch days and paid the school for the whole month! This way I know when I need to pack him a lunch (and my very picky eater won’t eat hot lunch as often as I’d like!)

5. I’ve got a new grocery list posted on the fridge so I can add things we run out of throughout the week. Nathan can also add to the list as he discovers things we need. This is something I just thought of yesterday to start doing and I think it will really help me to not forget things (because it seems like each grocery trip I always forget 1-2 things we need!)

6. I hung a giant calendar on the wall in the kitchen so Nathan and I can always stay on the same page and know what’s coming up that week and in the month.

7. For some reason every time I redo my chalkboard sign I feel like I’ve really accomplished something! I just love this giant sign and love switching it up.

8. I went through the boys’ closets and pulled out all their clothes they’ve outgrown and re-stocked with clothes of the next size I’ve been holding onto waiting for them to grow into. Joshua gets all of his clothes handed down from a friend that is 2 years older than he is. So I store the hand-me-downs until he’s ready for them. When Joshua outgrows his clothes I put them away until Grady is ready for them. So each season I change out their closets. I meant to do this before the new school year started but life was crazy. It’s done now and that feels better!

9. I’m working out again!! After a few months off I’m back into my fitness program and it feels gooood!

So here we go Monday! Bring on a busy week of BFF dates, IPad trainings, a substitute teacher and my moms birthday!