First Day in the LISD1

If you saw my last post about my dad then you know I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life. It’s been a little overwhelming so this blog has been a little silent. I’m just not sure how to talk about my life right now. Truth is, our culture is funny. It’s polite to say things like “I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. how are you doing?” or “Gosh I’m so sorry what happened?” But then when honest answers are given it’s like it becomes too much so the subject is quickly changed. We ask these questions to be polite but don’t really want the hard answers. So I worry about how much information is too much and have started leaning on the easy to hear answers, “It’s been tough but we’ll get through it” or “Thank you.”

The truth is my family will get through it. And you know what? Yesterday was the first day that I started to feel like myself again! And today I am so excited for my first official start to my first school year in the Lewiston Independent School District #1. We have a district meeting at Lewiston High School this morning and then we are working in our buildings the rest of the day. I get to meet all of my kids and families tonight at our ice cream social. I am so excited! I spent 5 hours on Saturday in my classroom making sure it was ready for this week. Although I still have plenty of work to do today and tomorrow before the first day of school on Wednesday, here is a look at how it’s come together!

This is my teacher area. And I love it!

Here is our shared reading and class meeting area.

I traded in a teacher table for this neat space on the floor. This is where we will get cuddled up together for reading groups and interventions.

Hung up some curtains for an extra “homey” feel. I wanted a classroom that felt like a home this year. A classroom family feel.

My favorite area. Our classroom library!

Watch for next week’s update on how the first day of school went!

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