Weekend Recap • PBA Classic

We spent the weekend in–you guessed it–Harrison, Idaho! This was our final trip to Harrison for the summer and the finale to the bass season. The Idaho Panhandle Bass Anglers are a northern bass fishing club. Each year they end their season with an open tournament called the PBA Summer Classic. Nathan and Ryan have fished it the last 4 years. It’s a really fun tournament that usually has a turn out of 50+ boats. A lot of the guys camp out in the Harrison RV park as it’s a two day tournament. Each night they have a corn hole tournament, drinks and laughs. It’s a good time!

Friday Nathan was able to get off work early and was home by Noon. We were thankful to get out of town early with all of the road construction that slowed us down. We didn’t get to the lake until almost 4pm!

As soon as we got camp settled, Nathan launched the boat and tied to the campground boat dock. The big boys got their poles all tied up and ready for day 1 and of course the little boys started fishing. Less than 5 minutes of fishing and Joshua caught a largemouth! Then Grady caught a largemouth on his first cast!

Saturday we spent the day fishing and swimming while waiting for weigh-in.

Of course the boys had icecream at the weigh-in. It’s become a tradition!

Nathan and Ryan weighed in just under 16lbs the first day. They had a good day of fishing! Ryan caught a really nice largemouth around 5 1/2lbs. They ended the day in 11th place, just outside the money and knew they needed a strong day 2 to seal the deal.


The fun part of the Classic is it’s a 2 day tournament so we get an extra day at the lake. Normally we head for home Sunday morning but this time we got to fish more on Sunday! We had some extra excitement fishing on Sunday. We found a school of bluegill that Joshua was catching the heck out of. Tina hooked the largest bluegill we’ve ever seen and to add to the excitement a giant pike started chasing the bluegill as Tina was reeling it in. It was crazy! Pike are such predators! He looked like a shark chasing that bluegill right under our feet.


Then it was time for weigh-in again. Nathan & Ryan didn’t do as well on day 2. They brought in a smaller limit just under 9lbs. They finished in 16th. It’s not 1st and it’s not within the money (payouts to 10th) so Nathan wasn’t happy with it but they placed 16 out of 53 boats. They landed within all the top competition up there in CDA so I’m proud of them!

We got packed up and headed for home late Sunday afternoon. We stopped at Zips in Plummer for dinner. We didn’t get home until almost 7pm and we were all wiped, especially Nathan. We didn’t even unload anything. We just came inside, got washed up and went to bed. I spent all of Monday morning unloading and cleaning the camper.

And another great bass season comes to a close. Nathan & I are always a little relieved to be done with all the competitive fishing and now we can focus on fun fishing with our family. August is when Nathan can take the boys and I out on his bass boat. We also plan to head to the North Fork for camping and relaxing.

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