Motherhood is…Showing Mercy

Mercy = Compassion, Forgiveness.

Here is the thing about being a mom: it is so easy to forgive our kids. I love my boys so much that I forgive them before they even ask for forgiveness. Wow. As I type that it makes me think of my Father in Heaven who shows me Mercy every single day and loves me so much that I am easy to forgive. He forgives me before I even ask for it.

But let me tell you something else about being a mom: sometimes it is so hard to forgive ourselves.

Do you know the guilt I feel from my Tuesday Real Talk post? The guilt I feel for feeling negative towards my kids? The guilt I feel for yelling at them and losing my patience?

But every day I’m learning Mercy. Not with my boys, like I said they are easy to forgive, but with myself. I’m learning from God through His example.

My boys are worth Grace. And so am I.

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