Friday Favorites

I like a Good Friday Favorite’s post. I get to see what people have been up to all week, as well as get some great ideas and discover new goodies. It’s another peek into the life of…

Well, this week was busy! We had something going every day it seems like. From beach days to hair days to pool days. Here is all my favorites from this week!

Deck Date with my Bestie

Now that Jenna and I don’t work together anymore, and the days of Monday morning panic and calming each other down with rational talk are over, we have made a pact to get together the first Monday of each month. Many of the Mondays will look different I think but for this first time we met on the deck at Ernie’s and it was perfect! A clam digger overlooking the view of the Valley with sunshine and a cool breeze with the best conversation was my FAVORITE!

Beach Day with Littles

On Monday my Asotin crew all went to the beach with all of our kids. I think we had a head count of 18 kids! We took up the entire beach and the kids were so good! They played and had snacks and of course my boys fished! Any surprise there?

Hair Day

I will admit that I don’t actually like getting my hair done. I have a really hard time sitting still. I have a need to be productive all the time. For example, I can’t just sit and watch TV I have to be folding laundry while watching TV. So sitting in the beauty chair makes me anxious because I want to move on with my day. However, fresh hair is my FAVORITE! And this time my girl Whitney nailed it!! I wanted the long grow out look on top with bright blonde ends all blended perfectly. Love it!

The Happy Planner: Teacher Edition

My new teaching planner came this week and it’s my FAVORITE! I’ve already filled in the calendar and can’t wait to start lesson planning in it!

My Puppy, Sage

Okay, so she isn’t a puppy anymore. She turned 10 this year and she is really showing her age. She is super quiet these days and lays around a lot. She is the sweetest, best Lab there is and she is my FAVORITE.

Chicken Caesar Salad with Pasta

Oh my gosh this was so yummy and one of mine and Nathan’s new FAVORITE salads!! Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, pasta noodles, sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded Parmesan cheese, croutons and a Caesar dressing. YUM! We are having it again for dinner next week with French bread.

Well, that’s my week and everything I loved about it. Stop by again on Monday to read about our weekend. ♥️

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