WUW2: Kicked Out

What’s Up Wednesday in Grade 2?!

What’s up this week in my 2nd grade classroom? I’m currently kicked out! To be fair, kicked out isn’t the right phrase. More like stuck. There are two entrances to my classroom. An outside door off the playground and an inside door off the hallway. I don’t have a key to the outside door so I can only get into my room from inside the school. Well, the hallway floor has a fresh coat of wax on it so it’s blocked off and no one can walk on it. Meaning I’m stuck and can’t get into my room. I was so bummed! I had made arrangements for the boys and dropped them off with Grandma and Grandpa. I loaded my truck with the last of the goods to be hauled into my room. Then I get to Webster and I can’t get in. BUT the floor is almost sparkling it’s so shiny and clean. Webster is an OLD school but they keep it updated and clean and it’s SO nice! So I can appreciate being kicked out temporarily.

Since I couldn’t get into my room today and there are real no updates I will share with you my teacher planner I received today! Planners are my brain. I have a personal one and a teacher one. I write EVERYTHING down because if I don’t, I will forget. Every time. And since it’s something I use every single day and pack around everywhere I want a cute, fun, functional planner. I found that in the Create 365 Happy Planner. I ordered the box kit off of Amazon so let’s open it together!

3 sheets of adorable teacher stickers.

Sticky notes to stick all over inside my planner.

2 rolls of cute tape to give my planner personalized character.

And the planner itself. Isn’t it cuuuute?! I love the rose gold and chalkboard. In love.

I love the way this planner is organized. Each month starts with a goals and month’s event page. Then the monthly calendar followed by each week for lesson planning.

I love that each month has a cute page cover and color theme! Here are my favorites.

At the end of the planner is a bunch of checklist pages. Here I can keep track of anything and everything with my students. It’s almost like a mini gradebook and it’s so helpful to have everything in one planner.

And finally, a pocket folder which always comes in handy!

I also started some shopping for my classroom. Since I didn’t have the boys I wanted to take advantage of my time in some way. And shopping by myself is always a vacation!

Here’s what I bought and a little sneak peak of my classroom theme. 😉

We’ll see if I can get into my room next week!

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