Weekend Recap • The One I’ve Been Waiting For

I love a cloudless sky and tons of sun and being by the water. I’ve waited allll of June for a weekend like that and I finally got one! Heat, swimming suits, BBQ, water and our backyard. It was glorious.


Friday morning I got my workout in and then sat on the back patio with my favorite protein shake. I love sitting outside in the summer mornings and drinking my coffee or shake.

Then the boys and I did some running around. Typical errands: the bank, grocery store and we stopped for lunch at Taco Time. (Some enthusiastic cheeses *sarcasm*)

When Nathan got off work we sat in the backyard and grilled dinner. Nathan also taught the boys how to cast with a regular spinning reel instead of their pull button reels. They listened so well and caught on so quick. It was pretty precious to watch Nathan’s patience, thoroughness and encouragement.


Saturday morning Nathan got up before dawn and headed up river to begin fishing. The boys and I slept in and then we met him on the river. We found a beach and we fished and swam for hours. It was the perfect day!!

Saturday evening we hung out in the backyard again, grilled and ate outside on the picnic table.


Sunday we a slow morning. I cooked a big breakfast for everyone. Then I took the boys to my mom’s to swim in her pool around Noon and Nathan and I headed up river again. Since we didn’t have the boys with us I had the freedom to fish. I had a blast catching smallmouth bass while Nathan caught squaw fish. It was another BEAUTIFUL day. My heart is so so happy by the water. I love it. Absolutely love it!

We came home around 5pm and I grabbed the boys. After dinner the 4 of us watched a movie and had bowls of icecream. Love Sundays.

We have a fun week ahead of us. The weather is supposed to be beautiful sunshine every single day so we plan to be near the river water and pool water A LOT!

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