Our 4th of July recap for 2018!

The weather has been letting me down a lot this summer and yesterday was no exception. I love sunny, bluebird skies and hot! It’s my favorite part of July and it’s supposed to show up today but I’m not getting my hopes up. It will be a pleasant surprise if it happens.

We still had a decent 4th regardless of the not so hot weather. Nathan had to sign up for a holiday to be on-call so he chose the 4th. He still went fishing in the morning but stayed with cell service. The boys and I just hung out all morning and I got my workout in. We love slow, summer mornings and being in our PJ’s until Noon!

The boys have been asking and asking for the bouncy castle so I thought the holiday was a good reason to set it up. Oh they love to bounce!

Nathan got home from fishing and we all got cleaned up for a BBQ. Nathan’s Uncle Bob always throws a 4th of July BBQ each year. We only know a handful of the people there but it’s always nice to see Nathan’s uncles and they love seeing the kids so I’m glad we went.

We tried to keep lunch light at the BBQ because we knew we had Rosauers tri-tips waiting for us at home. Honestly, Rosauers has the best butcher and meat selection in town in my opinion. So we came home to our own backyard. The boys bounced some more and I filled up the little plastic pool for the kids and Sage. She gets so hot in all that thick, dark fur. She loves being able to cool off in the pool. Nathan grilled and I made twice baked potatoes.


Then it was my favorite part of the whole day! The boys have NEVER seen fireworks before. They’ve always been too little and I’ve just put them to bed before dark and acted like fireworks didn’t exist. So this year I still put them to bed at our regular 8pm but then I woke them back up at 9:30pm to see the firework show. We got in the truck and drove down the street. Then we got out and walked the path above Bryden Canyon. There is a bench on the path that overlooks the river and a great view of the Valley. I knew we’d be able to see the firework show from Adam’s Field really well from that bench I just hoped we’d get there before anyone else. And we did! The boys thought it was quite the adventure getting up “in the middle of the night” as they thought and walking to a “secret bench” to watch the fireworks.

After the fireworks ended we walked back to the truck, came home and went to bed. Of course there were still tons of pops and firecrackers going off all over town and Grady was afraid of the loud bangs in the dark of his room so he ended up in bed with his Mama. Scaredy cat.

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