WUW in K! …You mean 2?

Back in March I dedicated my What’s Up Wednesday to sneak peaks into my kindergarten classroom. I’m not sure I kept my end of the deal very well but I’m trying to be a better blogger. Anyway, you can read all about my intentions here.

If you haven’t heard already (which it’s already been Facebook official so likely you have) I moved schools and I’m moving grade levels. This Idaho born girl, Lewiston produced, is teaching at Webster Elementary in 2nd grade. I am so excited and anxious for everything about to come in the next few months and years.

Here’s a peak into my new classroom!


I checked in yesterday and my classroom is all cleaned up! I met the night custodian (super sweet lady! instantly loved her) and she told me my floors are all done so I could start moving in my stuff. She even offered to open up the back gates so I could drive my pickup right up to my outside classroom door. Perfect. So here’s what my room looks like right now:


Gosh I have SO much to do!! Aside from learning 5 new curriculums I have to get this room all set up to support student learning! And you know be super cute. Honestly though, it isn’t a Pinterest competition. I think it’s important the classroom be dressed up for two reasons.

1. It’s where I spend all day for 180 days. It needs to be a room that I feel happy to be in each day.
2. It needs to be inviting to my students and a space for them to feel happy to come to and feel safe in each day.

So yeah, it needs to be cute. 😉

So on my current to-do list… set up my classroom library, set up the student desks, create the calendar area, make my Daily 5/CAFE board, establish my desk (teacher) area, organize the supply closet, unpack my boxes from my old classroom, piece together and organize curriculum, order my teacher lesson planner, organize manipulatives and student learning tools, and…I’ll think of 1,000 more things later. But this is where I start. And it all needs to be close to being ready to go by Aug. 15th! Gosh, when I type that it hits me that it’s only 5 weeks away! *Insert anxiety here*

But I am excited! Change is so good! As I promised my BFF Jenna, I am going to be better keeping up with this blog so she can stay in the know with my life since we don’t see each other everyday anymore (yes, I still cry about it.) Wednesdays will be dedicated to my classroom and I will take you along on the entire process of this big transition!

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