Motherhood is…Sacrifice.

Gosh you hear it all the time. That women sacrifice their bodies and their social life when they become a mom.

Here is the most simplified definition of sacrifice:

the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone

How true this is for parents. Especially moms. I think most ladies will agree that their pre-pregnancy body is something they would have loved to keep. The freedom to go and do as you please is something we’d all like to keep. And we give that up to get something else. And what we get in exchange, Motherhood, is so much greater than all the abs and all the freedom that the sacrifice seems so small! Our worlds are so transformed when our babies are born that what used to matter, what we gave up (sacrificed), doesn’t seem so important anymore. God has that magical way of transforming our hearts for Motherhood.But the sacrifices continue throughout the rest of the life sentence that is being a Mom. And sometimes the sacrifices do seem a little bigger. Sometimes we are called to give up something really important to the woman we are to help our kids. Like a job we love. And that can be hard. But we can’t focus on what we lost, we must remember why we made the sacrifice. Because of what we gain! Time with our kids. A chance to be a better mom to our kids. The love of our kids.

And while they are little they don’t comprehend the sacrifices mommy is making in her life to make their life better. But my hope is that someday they will.

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