Weekend Recap • BBQn

I didn’t take a single picture this weekend. There really wasn’t anything significant to take a picture of but it was a bunch of time together as a family, and a little time with friends, so it was a good weekend.

Friday night we grilled pizza and hung out in the garage watching YouTube videos, drinking cold brew and Nathan made some fishing weights. Pretty relax night.

Saturday morning Nathan got up really early and went fishing. The boys and I slept in. I am a big Beachbody fan and just signed up for a new program they have coming out called LIIFT 4. There was a free preview, Live Facebook workout, that I did Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun and I think I’m going to LOVE this program!! Then I sat outside on the back patio while I had my protein shake. Nathan got home and took a nap while Joshua played with his Minecraft Legos and Grady and I ran some errands.

Saturday night we went to our good friends Ryan and Tina’s house for a BBQ. They recently moved into a new place and we had a little home welcoming dinner. The boys loved running around and exploring their big property while we hung out in the shop. I love summer nights.

Sunday was just a day at home together. Joshua built a fort out of blankets in the backyard. Grady took a long nap. Speaking of poor Grady, I have to call the doctor in the morning. I’m pretty sure he has swimmer’s ear. He swam in the pool and the hot tub a lot at my mom’s house Thursday night and Friday morning. Now when I touch his ear he instantly bursts into tears and cries out in pain. He even got really upset with his brother and then started crying about his ear because crying hurt his ear. Oh boy. Poor babe.

Sunday night Nathan made BBQ hamburgers for dinner and we had leftover pasta salad from the previous night BBQ. We hung out on the back patio and in the garage a bunch. Then we rested up so we’d be ready for Monday and whatever this next week has to bring.

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