Weekend Recap • PBA Classic

We spent the weekend in–you guessed it–Harrison, Idaho! This was our final trip to Harrison for the summer and the finale to the bass season. The Idaho Panhandle Bass Anglers are a northern bass fishing club. Each year they end their season with an open tournament called the PBA Summer Classic. Nathan and Ryan have fished it the last 4 years. It’s a really fun tournament that usually has a turn out of 50+ boats. A lot of the guys camp out in the Harrison RV park as it’s a two day tournament. Each night they have a corn hole tournament, drinks and laughs. It’s a good time!

Friday Nathan was able to get off work early and was home by Noon. We were thankful to get out of town early with all of the road construction that slowed us down. We didn’t get to the lake until almost 4pm!

As soon as we got camp settled, Nathan launched the boat and tied to the campground boat dock. The big boys got their poles all tied up and ready for day 1 and of course the little boys started fishing. Less than 5 minutes of fishing and Joshua caught a largemouth! Then Grady caught a largemouth on his first cast!

Saturday we spent the day fishing and swimming while waiting for weigh-in.

Of course the boys had icecream at the weigh-in. It’s become a tradition!

Nathan and Ryan weighed in just under 16lbs the first day. They had a good day of fishing! Ryan caught a really nice largemouth around 5 1/2lbs. They ended the day in 11th place, just outside the money and knew they needed a strong day 2 to seal the deal.


The fun part of the Classic is it’s a 2 day tournament so we get an extra day at the lake. Normally we head for home Sunday morning but this time we got to fish more on Sunday! We had some extra excitement fishing on Sunday. We found a school of bluegill that Joshua was catching the heck out of. Tina hooked the largest bluegill we’ve ever seen and to add to the excitement a giant pike started chasing the bluegill as Tina was reeling it in. It was crazy! Pike are such predators! He looked like a shark chasing that bluegill right under our feet.


Then it was time for weigh-in again. Nathan & Ryan didn’t do as well on day 2. They brought in a smaller limit just under 9lbs. They finished in 16th. It’s not 1st and it’s not within the money (payouts to 10th) so Nathan wasn’t happy with it but they placed 16 out of 53 boats. They landed within all the top competition up there in CDA so I’m proud of them!

We got packed up and headed for home late Sunday afternoon. We stopped at Zips in Plummer for dinner. We didn’t get home until almost 7pm and we were all wiped, especially Nathan. We didn’t even unload anything. We just came inside, got washed up and went to bed. I spent all of Monday morning unloading and cleaning the camper.

And another great bass season comes to a close. Nathan & I are always a little relieved to be done with all the competitive fishing and now we can focus on fun fishing with our family. August is when Nathan can take the boys and I out on his bass boat. We also plan to head to the North Fork for camping and relaxing.


Motherhood is…Showing Mercy

Mercy = Compassion, Forgiveness.

Here is the thing about being a mom: it is so easy to forgive our kids. I love my boys so much that I forgive them before they even ask for forgiveness. Wow. As I type that it makes me think of my Father in Heaven who shows me Mercy every single day and loves me so much that I am easy to forgive. He forgives me before I even ask for it.

But let me tell you something else about being a mom: sometimes it is so hard to forgive ourselves.

Do you know the guilt I feel from my Tuesday Real Talk post? The guilt I feel for feeling negative towards my kids? The guilt I feel for yelling at them and losing my patience?

But every day I’m learning Mercy. Not with my boys, like I said they are easy to forgive, but with myself. I’m learning from God through His example.

My boys are worth Grace. And so am I.


What’s Up this Wednesday in grade 2?!

Well, not a lot that is new. I haven’t been back to my classroom to check the floors and if I can get in my room yet or not. I suppose I should pop down at the school at least to try and grab the math curriculum to start looking over. I’ve read the Reading and writing curriculum overviews.

On a side note, it is so nice to be able to just drive 2 minutes down the hill to get to my classroom. Not that Asotin is very far but I do have to take a highway to get there and Webster is literally just down the hill from my house!

I got a few emails from the District Office. I have a benefits meeting on July 26th to get all of my paperwork completed for medical, dental, retirement, etc. Also on the 26th at 5:30pm at Brocks all Lewiston educators are invited for apps and drinks. I plan on attending this to start networking in my new school district.

I have my first training on August 6th. It’s an all day iPad training at the district office. Wow! Back to work already!

August 9th I have a new employee orientation at the district office. I haven’t received all the details for this yet, but again I’m a little excited for this and to be fully emerged in the Lewiston School District!

I also got signed up for our professional development days on August 15th and 16th. I mostly have to take all the curriculum sessions for new teachers but I did get to chose one session in the last part of the first day so I’m attending a workshop on observations and the NGSS with a K-3 focus.

So. Thinking about how much my August is already filling up and the fact that there is only 1 week left in July I am getting a little anxious about my classroom. I need to get a good start on setting it up to calm some of my anxiety. There is SO much on a teacher’s do-to list. It’s crazy the amount of little and big things we have to think about. If our salary was based on our job description we’d be making as more than doctors!!

Hopefully next week I will have some new pictures and an update of my classroom.

Real Talk Tuesday

On Tuesdays I’m going to keep it really real. This isn’t the highlight reel and it’s not a space where I make my family look happy and perfect. And while yes my family is very happy much of the time we have our struggles like anyone else. So I’m going to share some of that today. This is where I throw in the disclaimer that as promised to keep it real if my opinion and thoughts on parenting offend you or if you can’t disagree with me  respectfully then leave this space on the web and never come back!

Okay, onto today’s post.

Odds are you’ve seen this floating around social media this summer…


This speaks volumes about the social pressures of raising kids today. And social media is a platform for showcasing all the fun and exciting memories you’re making for your kids proving yourself to be a good parent. Meanwhile I’m over here literally throwing my kids into the backyard and locking the door behind them so they can’t come back in! Wait, I believe I am taking this post in a direction I had not initially intended when I started writing this morning. So instead of heading down the road about childhood boredom I’m going to let you read what a psychologist has to say about boredom and kids if you so chose to click on the link.

Okay, so I’m totally okay with letting my kids be bored. That’s not why this image bothers me so much. What bothers is me is the reminder that I’m supposed to be “enjoying every second” with my kids. That “they grow so fast” and I’m supposed to be cherishing this time with them. When in reality I want to ship them off to summer camp and enjoy some peace and quiet on my summer break.

The thing is our kids do grow so fast that we forget all the parts of the stages. We tend to remember all the good parts (because at times we long for the baby snuggles again) and forget just how hard the hard parts were (like being trapped in a dark room rocking a screaming baby because he was…see I’ve forgotten what it’s called…colicky! That’s right, HOW could I forgot colic?!) So it’s easy to tell a new mom “enjoy every moment of this special time” because you’ve forgotten how terrifying and exhausting and overwhelming it is to have a newborn in the house. So many times a memory will pop up on Facebook and I will have completely forgotten about it. This happened just yesterday, a memory when Joshua was probably about 16 months old and I posted how frustrating it was to fix him a big ol’ lunch just for him not to touch a bite of it and then whine 30 minutes later about how hungry he was. And I thought to myself oh my gosh he’s ALWAYS been this hard to feed! He’s ALWAYS been my picky eater. Even at 1 years old! I had forgotten all the high chair plates I had fixed for Joshua to turn his nose to. At 6 years old he does this almost every night at the dinner table.

So why do I want to send my kids off to summer camp? Because I am exhausted and overwhelmed and don’t always even know what to do with them. This summer Grady is 3 1/2 and if you’ve experienced a threenager then you know exactly why I am so challenged. Joshua is 6 years old and no one has ever told me how hard 6 can be. He’s transitioning from a little boy to a bigger boy (the end of kindergarten is like the final nail in the toddler/preschooler coffin. He’s a big boy now) and trying to find his place. As any parent knows the transition stages are some of the hardest. Which means both my boys are in a difficult stage this summer and we are all feeling it. Grady doesn’t want to be told no. He’s growing quite comfortable in his independence so he wants to be in control of his life. And when he’s not he screams at me. This of course can not be tolerated. Joshua is jekyll and hyde. He can go from super sweet and happy to angry and yelling in seconds. We are having huge issues with disrespect right now.  Also, can not be tolerated. Basically, this means both my boys have spent hours in the time-out chair this summer and I’ve been crying in my room questioning if I’m doing it all wrong.

So how am I making this summer count? By trying to teach my kids not to be little assholes.

And yes we’ve already made some great memories for summer 2018. We’ve been fishing at the lake and river. We’ve gone swimming in my parents pool and we still have a few more trips planned before school starts. But if you tell me to make each moment count this summer. If you tell me to soak up all this precious time. I’m going to laugh in your face and remind you that you’ve either:

a. never raised kids or
b. completely forgotten the hard parts

But let me end with this (because I promised to be really real so it isn’t fair to only tell one side)…each time I look at my boys my heart squeezes and I can’t believe how handsome they are! I love watching Grady play independently and use his imagination. I love watching Joshua build his Legos. I love that we get to cuddle up in the mornings and watch cartoons and drink chocolate milk & coffee. I am so grateful for this time with them. I am so grateful that I get to be their mom and that I have this time with them at home to teach them to be respectful, good people.

Motherhood is HARD, but it’s worth it.


Weekend Recap • Defeat ALS

Friday would have been my Papa Jim’s birthday. July 13th. Oh was he a man. The best kind of man. Hard working. Strong hands. Conservative and didn’t take any shit. He respected a strong work ethic and a self-made man. He cussed like a construction worker but never in front of a lady. I never heard him say the F-word, but Nathan did. He was gentle and sweet. He gave the best shoulder rubs, hugs and cheek kisses. He loved to dance and loved country music. He adored his horses and the ladies. He SHOWED UP in the lives of the people he loved. I never doubted for a second how much he loved me. Gosh I miss him. How a man so tough could have eyes so gentle I will never comprehend but always understand.

Saturday was all about my Papa’s son, my mom’s younger brother, my uncle. Mike Sprenger. My Uncle Mike loves to joke, to tease and to laugh. He was always the one to light up the room when my family got together. My mom and brother also have a sister. Between the siblings they have 8 children giving me 7 cousins. All of us would get together 1-2 times a summer growing up. And oh I loved my Uncle Mike for his quick wit and his tender heart. Just like my Papa. As I was going through old pictures I found so many of me as a little girl sitting on my uncle’s lap. Proof I always adored him.

My uncle Mike went to work for my Papa. Jimmy owned his own construction company called Sprenger Construction in Moscow. The company became my uncle’s. He has the same work ethic as my grandfather and I respect the hell out of them both.

In 2011 my uncle was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. (Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.)

So many memories are hazy or disguised with what we want to remember. But some moments are engraved with perfect detail into our memory. I clearly remember the moment I got the phone call from my mom with the news about Mike’s diagnosis. I was in Portland, OR at a technology conference for teachers. My phone rang in between sessions so I stepped outside the hotel. I can still see the electronic sliding double doors and the hotel entrance. It was a sunny day for Portland in February. My heart sank with the news but at the time I didn’t fully understand what it meant for my family.

It started in his feet. Slowly my uncle went from a walker to a wheelchair to a power chair. Through the years he lost his ability to control his power chair on his own, to losing his ability to talk, to a feeding tube to no longer able to breathe on his own. Today he’s in a wheelchair that he can not manipulate. He has a Tobi Communicator that he can control with his eyes to allow him to speak and text and even post to social media. His eye movement, a slanted smile and raised eye brows are the only physical function Mike has left.

But his mental and emotional abilities are limitless! Mike is determined to live his life to the fullest despite this ugly fucking disease. He still goes to work every single week and runs his construction company. He spends a ton of time at the lake, travels and loves the heck out of his family. He is a true inspiration.

4 years ago my cousin Kim put together a fundraiser for ALS. It is a big golf tournament and auction she organized. This weekend I went with my mom, grandma and the boys. We got to the Moscow Elks and Country Club around 11am. The teams were already golfing and drinking.

There was a silent auction, live action, lunch and booze. Lots of booze.

I had a great time and was so happy that I could show up to give my love and support to someone so deserving of it. I am so proud to have the Sprenger blood line pumping through my heart!

Sunday was just a family day. I started my day cooking breakfast for my family and then kicking my ass in an intense 30 minute workout!

Nathan, the boys and I did some running around. We checked out the RV show in the Sportsman’s Warehouse parking lot and dreamed of the camper we’d love to have.

Then we BBQ’d hamburgers for dinner and hung out in the backyard.

Into another week. We head to Harrison on Friday for the PBA Classic bass tournament and I can’t wait!!!

Friday Favorites

I like a Good Friday Favorite’s post. I get to see what people have been up to all week, as well as get some great ideas and discover new goodies. It’s another peek into the life of…

Well, this week was busy! We had something going every day it seems like. From beach days to hair days to pool days. Here is all my favorites from this week!

Deck Date with my Bestie

Now that Jenna and I don’t work together anymore, and the days of Monday morning panic and calming each other down with rational talk are over, we have made a pact to get together the first Monday of each month. Many of the Mondays will look different I think but for this first time we met on the deck at Ernie’s and it was perfect! A clam digger overlooking the view of the Valley with sunshine and a cool breeze with the best conversation was my FAVORITE!

Beach Day with Littles

On Monday my Asotin crew all went to the beach with all of our kids. I think we had a head count of 18 kids! We took up the entire beach and the kids were so good! They played and had snacks and of course my boys fished! Any surprise there?

Hair Day

I will admit that I don’t actually like getting my hair done. I have a really hard time sitting still. I have a need to be productive all the time. For example, I can’t just sit and watch TV I have to be folding laundry while watching TV. So sitting in the beauty chair makes me anxious because I want to move on with my day. However, fresh hair is my FAVORITE! And this time my girl Whitney nailed it!! I wanted the long grow out look on top with bright blonde ends all blended perfectly. Love it!

The Happy Planner: Teacher Edition

My new teaching planner came this week and it’s my FAVORITE! I’ve already filled in the calendar and can’t wait to start lesson planning in it!

My Puppy, Sage

Okay, so she isn’t a puppy anymore. She turned 10 this year and she is really showing her age. She is super quiet these days and lays around a lot. She is the sweetest, best Lab there is and she is my FAVORITE.

Chicken Caesar Salad with Pasta

Oh my gosh this was so yummy and one of mine and Nathan’s new FAVORITE salads!! Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, pasta noodles, sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded Parmesan cheese, croutons and a Caesar dressing. YUM! We are having it again for dinner next week with French bread.

Well, that’s my week and everything I loved about it. Stop by again on Monday to read about our weekend. ♥️


Motherhood is…A Referee

Now that the boys are getting older I feel like all I do each day on summer break is turn into the referee of their constant disputes. Calling the penalties and helping them to be better players. We talk about fairness, kindness, good sportsmanship.

But he did this!

He said that!

I had it first!

He hit me!

Well he kicked me!

But that’s mine!

And sometimes my patience is gone and I lose my shit and yell at them both to go to their rooms. Separate penalty boxes.

This Mom gig ain’t always easy.

WUW2: Kicked Out

What’s Up Wednesday in Grade 2?!

What’s up this week in my 2nd grade classroom? I’m currently kicked out! To be fair, kicked out isn’t the right phrase. More like stuck. There are two entrances to my classroom. An outside door off the playground and an inside door off the hallway. I don’t have a key to the outside door so I can only get into my room from inside the school. Well, the hallway floor has a fresh coat of wax on it so it’s blocked off and no one can walk on it. Meaning I’m stuck and can’t get into my room. I was so bummed! I had made arrangements for the boys and dropped them off with Grandma and Grandpa. I loaded my truck with the last of the goods to be hauled into my room. Then I get to Webster and I can’t get in. BUT the floor is almost sparkling it’s so shiny and clean. Webster is an OLD school but they keep it updated and clean and it’s SO nice! So I can appreciate being kicked out temporarily.

Since I couldn’t get into my room today and there are real no updates I will share with you my teacher planner I received today! Planners are my brain. I have a personal one and a teacher one. I write EVERYTHING down because if I don’t, I will forget. Every time. And since it’s something I use every single day and pack around everywhere I want a cute, fun, functional planner. I found that in the Create 365 Happy Planner. I ordered the box kit off of Amazon so let’s open it together!

3 sheets of adorable teacher stickers.

Sticky notes to stick all over inside my planner.

2 rolls of cute tape to give my planner personalized character.

And the planner itself. Isn’t it cuuuute?! I love the rose gold and chalkboard. In love.

I love the way this planner is organized. Each month starts with a goals and month’s event page. Then the monthly calendar followed by each week for lesson planning.

I love that each month has a cute page cover and color theme! Here are my favorites.

At the end of the planner is a bunch of checklist pages. Here I can keep track of anything and everything with my students. It’s almost like a mini gradebook and it’s so helpful to have everything in one planner.

And finally, a pocket folder which always comes in handy!

I also started some shopping for my classroom. Since I didn’t have the boys I wanted to take advantage of my time in some way. And shopping by myself is always a vacation!

Here’s what I bought and a little sneak peak of my classroom theme. 😉

We’ll see if I can get into my room next week!

Weekend Recap • The One I’ve Been Waiting For

I love a cloudless sky and tons of sun and being by the water. I’ve waited allll of June for a weekend like that and I finally got one! Heat, swimming suits, BBQ, water and our backyard. It was glorious.


Friday morning I got my workout in and then sat on the back patio with my favorite protein shake. I love sitting outside in the summer mornings and drinking my coffee or shake.

Then the boys and I did some running around. Typical errands: the bank, grocery store and we stopped for lunch at Taco Time. (Some enthusiastic cheeses *sarcasm*)

When Nathan got off work we sat in the backyard and grilled dinner. Nathan also taught the boys how to cast with a regular spinning reel instead of their pull button reels. They listened so well and caught on so quick. It was pretty precious to watch Nathan’s patience, thoroughness and encouragement.


Saturday morning Nathan got up before dawn and headed up river to begin fishing. The boys and I slept in and then we met him on the river. We found a beach and we fished and swam for hours. It was the perfect day!!

Saturday evening we hung out in the backyard again, grilled and ate outside on the picnic table.


Sunday we a slow morning. I cooked a big breakfast for everyone. Then I took the boys to my mom’s to swim in her pool around Noon and Nathan and I headed up river again. Since we didn’t have the boys with us I had the freedom to fish. I had a blast catching smallmouth bass while Nathan caught squaw fish. It was another BEAUTIFUL day. My heart is so so happy by the water. I love it. Absolutely love it!

We came home around 5pm and I grabbed the boys. After dinner the 4 of us watched a movie and had bowls of icecream. Love Sundays.

We have a fun week ahead of us. The weather is supposed to be beautiful sunshine every single day so we plan to be near the river water and pool water A LOT!


Our 4th of July recap for 2018!

The weather has been letting me down a lot this summer and yesterday was no exception. I love sunny, bluebird skies and hot! It’s my favorite part of July and it’s supposed to show up today but I’m not getting my hopes up. It will be a pleasant surprise if it happens.

We still had a decent 4th regardless of the not so hot weather. Nathan had to sign up for a holiday to be on-call so he chose the 4th. He still went fishing in the morning but stayed with cell service. The boys and I just hung out all morning and I got my workout in. We love slow, summer mornings and being in our PJ’s until Noon!

The boys have been asking and asking for the bouncy castle so I thought the holiday was a good reason to set it up. Oh they love to bounce!

Nathan got home from fishing and we all got cleaned up for a BBQ. Nathan’s Uncle Bob always throws a 4th of July BBQ each year. We only know a handful of the people there but it’s always nice to see Nathan’s uncles and they love seeing the kids so I’m glad we went.

We tried to keep lunch light at the BBQ because we knew we had Rosauers tri-tips waiting for us at home. Honestly, Rosauers has the best butcher and meat selection in town in my opinion. So we came home to our own backyard. The boys bounced some more and I filled up the little plastic pool for the kids and Sage. She gets so hot in all that thick, dark fur. She loves being able to cool off in the pool. Nathan grilled and I made twice baked potatoes.


Then it was my favorite part of the whole day! The boys have NEVER seen fireworks before. They’ve always been too little and I’ve just put them to bed before dark and acted like fireworks didn’t exist. So this year I still put them to bed at our regular 8pm but then I woke them back up at 9:30pm to see the firework show. We got in the truck and drove down the street. Then we got out and walked the path above Bryden Canyon. There is a bench on the path that overlooks the river and a great view of the Valley. I knew we’d be able to see the firework show from Adam’s Field really well from that bench I just hoped we’d get there before anyone else. And we did! The boys thought it was quite the adventure getting up “in the middle of the night” as they thought and walking to a “secret bench” to watch the fireworks.

After the fireworks ended we walked back to the truck, came home and went to bed. Of course there were still tons of pops and firecrackers going off all over town and Grady was afraid of the loud bangs in the dark of his room so he ended up in bed with his Mama. Scaredy cat.