Friday Favorites: 4th of July

The 4th of July is easily my favorite holiday! Here’s why:

-It’s in summer (my favorite season)

-It’s all about the BBQ (my favorite kind of food)

-I love all the red, white, blue and American pride

-It’s low-key and low-pressure. We don’t have any Independence Day traditions so every year it is different and every year we can make plans that are best for us (us being my little family of 4) at the time. Some years we are camping with family, some years we have bigger BBQ with friends and sometimes, like this year, we are just having a small little BBQ with just us.

This year the 4th really snuck up on me! June weather hasn’t felt like summer at all so we haven’t gotten in summer mode yet. I’m still waiting for shorts and tank tops. But I’m not about to let Independence Day pass me by without celebrating so here’s how I dressed up the house!

A small quilt my grandma made as a table runner.

A white church birdhouse, flowers and American flags.

My fireplace mantle with touched of red, white and blue.

These red couch pillows come out only for July. (Oh and a Lab. America’s favorite dog.)

I also hosted Bunco at my house this week so I made it 4th of July themed: Red, White and Bunco.

A couple decisions I have to make before July 4th gets here. Should we BBQ hamburgers or steaks? Am I going to introduce the boys to fireworks or continue to pretend like they don’t exist and go to bed?

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