Motherhood is…Bragging Rights

Does it or does it not feel like being a good mom in 2018 is doing fun things with your kids and then posting pictures of it all over social media?! It’s fun to see everyone’s pictures and all the neat things they do, it even inspires me to get out of the house with the kids, but it also has put a lot of pressure on us moms. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not always outside playing with my kids or taking them to the park that I’m not being a good enough mom to my kids. And ohhh that just isn’t the case! In fact, it is my belief that the 2018 Mom spends TOO MUCH energy entertaining her kids when kids need to learn how to be bored and creatively entertain themselves.

But motherhood is having the right to brag just a little bit about your tiny humans. We pour our heart and soul into our kids, and while we can only nurture so much (God has His hand in all the nature) we can be proud when they do something great! Because we had a hand in it too. Like hanging out in over-sized t-shirts and rain boots carrying a plastic shotgun and shooting everything in sight. Yup, I will brag about his cuteness. And use as blackmail with future girlfriends. 😉

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