IBN Qualifier 2018

We spend 4 days in Harrison, Idaho on Lake CDA for the Idaho BASS Nation State Qualifier. Nathan got off work early on Wednesday so we were able to make it to the lake around 4pm and get settled in. The weather was beautiful when we arrived and we were instantly in our happy place.

Nathan got his boat into the water and started getting his fishing rods all ready for his first day of practice fishing for the tournament. While daddy worked in his boat the boys started fishing! They couldn’t wait to get their lines in the water. Within the first 10 minutes of fishing both boys doubled on smallmouth bass.

The weather was all over the place every day and that was kind of a bummer. I am so ready for steady sun and swimsuits. Tank tops and flip flops. But we were dressed in layers bundling up and stripping clothes as the weather changed every hour. We had wind, rain, clouds, sun, thunder, lightening. We had it all. But that didn’t stop us from fishing! There is a dock at our campground that we basically camped out on all day, everyday. Joshua wanted to fish from the time he woke up until the time he went to bed. He even said, “we can eat lunch on the dock so that we don’t have to leave.” He is his father’s son. And he caught all species of fish off that dock. Perch, bluegill, bass–both smallmouth and largemouth, crappie and pumpkin seeds. He even caught a really nice largemouth that gave him quite the fight! Grandpa also caught a really nice largemouth! His personal best. Grady caught a couple fish all on his own and was so proud.

This qualifier was especially fun for me as I got to be in the middle of it all. Nathan and I (and I actually mean I) became the media directors for the Idaho Bass Nation so I manage the website and the Facebook page. Being a part of the board I got to help out with the tournament. Thursday night was the boaters meeting so I got to check all the guys in and then help organize the boat draws. Then Friday and Saturday I got to record weights at the weigh-in. Saturday, after the final weigh-in, I got to total up the weights and record the new 2019 state team. I knew Nathan made the state team before he did! I loved being a part of it and I hope I get to help out again next year. Nathan had some incredible couple of days on the lake. He caught 5 fish over 5 pounds including a 6.26lbs he weighed in on day 2.



And he did it! He made the 2019 IBN State Team!! We get to go to Western Regionals again next spring. I got really emotional this tournament because it was the first year Nathan fished as a pro instead of a co-angler. He fished against some of the BEST in Idaho! I mean some really, really good fisherman and I can confidently say that Nathan has reached that level of greatness in his bass fishing. He moved up 4 places from day 1 to day 2 and finished 7th overall out of 23 boats making the top 10 and landing him a spot on the team.

Bass fishing has introduced us to some great friends and good people. Keegan is a great guy we met through the club. He was so proud of Nathan that he jumped in to photobomb Nathan’s picture of his 6 pounder.

Saturday night after the weigh-in we could all take a breath. The pressure was off and mission was accomplished. Does that mean we stopped fishing because the tournament was over? Uhm, of course not! We relaxed, had a few beers and fished the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning we got up, cleaned up and headed for home. It’s always bittersweet leaving the lake. Nice to come home but hard to leave. It’s our happy place. But we’ll be back! We are headed back to Harrison in July for the Panhandle Bass Anglers Classic and that is always a FUN tournament! Not as much pressure and just for fun.

Now we are home and hoping for some summer weather!!!

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