Boy Mom

I am a Boy Mom. And I know there are going to be Girl Moms that read this post and say life with their girls is very similar to mine. That it’s not just boys, it’s just KIDS. And that’s fine. Because the truth is I have no idea what it’s like to raise a girl. But I am experiencing what it’s like to raise boys and Jesus, help me! So here’s my experience living in a house of masculine energy.

My boys are LOUD. So loud. The volume of their talking voice is turned up to an unnecessary notch. And they make these noises. These growl, dinosaur roar noises. All the time. I will say this: I’ve taught kindergarten for 6 years and I’ve maybe seen one girl in all that time make the dinosaur noises compared to the many, many boys that have roaring tendencies. It really is a boy thing. It’s not my favorite.


My boys don’t like clothes. Joshua especially. They strip down to their underwear as often as they can. And why is it that when you’re only wearing underwear you can run faster, jump higher and ultimately just play more rough?!

Also, NO SHOES. Ever. I have to battle the boys to put their shoes on when they go outside.


My boys are so competitive. All 3 of them! The one thing about raising brothers is dealing with EVERYTHING being a competition. Who can buckle their seat belt first, who can run the fastest, eat the most, catch the bigger fish, more fish, open the door first, jump the highest, have the bigger piece of candy, have the most of anything, on and on and on. And it usually is an argument.


Boys don’t come with barbies and babies. I remember when Grandma got Joshua a baby doll and he carried it around by it’s head. Boys have trucks and legos. Baseball bats and fishing poles. Race tracks and Nintendo. Sticks, rocks, bugs and nerf guns.


My boys have to jump off everything. Run everywhere. Roll and tumble. I see so many girls skip and twirl, but my boys slam and smash. Testosterone.


Boys are so easy to dress! Pants or shorts and a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt with a pair of tennis shoes. That’s seriously it. I don’t have to worry about matching leggings or hair accessories. All I have to buy is a handful of shirts and pants and they can mix and match and make dozens of outfits. Saves on my wallet and my sanity.


There is something unique about each relationship. The father/son connection, the mother/daughter friendship, the father/daughter relationship and the most precious mother/son bond. My boys adore their daddy and he can make them laugh harder than anyone else. They think he is the strongest man alive and I’m pretty sure they think he could do anything. But those boys love their mama something fierce. They crawl into my lap every single day. I get cuddles and kisses and an affectionate hand on my cheek. When they are sick there is only one person who can comfort them. I love my mama’s boys.

Brotherhood. The understanding of each other. The protectiveness. The forever friends.


Life with boys is messy. It’s loud and overwhelming. It’s beautiful. I am blessed with boys.

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